To Save a Life by Jim and Rachel Britts

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Review by Jill Williamson

Jake and Roger were once best friends. They did everything together. Roger even stepped in front of a car to save Jake. But when they got to high school, and Jake got better at basketball, things started to change. Jake started hanging out with the popular crowd. Before he knew it, he didn’t have time for Roger at all.

And now Roger is dead. None of Jake’s new friends even know that he and Roger were once friends. They don’t understand what this loss means. Jake wonders what’s the point of it all? And if he had done things in his life differently, could he have saved Roger?

As Jake searches for answers and tries to find meaning in life, his friends just don’t get it. But Jake can’t go back, even if it costs him his reputation.

I’d wanted to see this movie, but it never came to a theater near me, not that any theater is near me…So I bought the book to tide me over. I’m totally glad I did. This book was powerful. It threw me into Jake’s life, the life most every guy wishes he had: star athlete with a full ride scholarship to play for his dream school, the perfect girlfriend, fun best friends, and popularity. Then tragedy strikes and Jake starts to ask important questions. And he won’t give up until he finds the answer.

This book gets into faith in an honest and ugly way. Sometimes that’s what we need to see. There are a lot of “Christians” out there making Christians look bad, loving themselves more than they love others. This book shows one guy struggling to do it the right way, no matter what anyone thinks. What an inspiring story. Now I want to see the movie more than ever! I highly recommend this to all high school and college students.

Age Range: 14 and up
Genre: contemporary fiction
Part of a Series: No
Pages: 315
Publisher: Outreach
Released: 2009


5 Responses to “To Save a Life by Jim and Rachel Britts”

  1. Lani says:

    Oh my goodness, you HAVE to see the movie!! Buy it on DVD, the movie is 10 times better the book and I LOVED the book.

  2. Colleen B says:

    Ok so there now is To Save A Life and Jakes Choice what i wanna no is there gunna be another book??

    • novelteen says:

      I don’t think so, Colleen. Things were pretty resolved at the end of Jake’s Choice.

      • Rachel Britts says:

        7 years later and I just stumbled upon this, ha! Thanks for the kind review. Just wanted to say that we did indeed finish a trilogy, self-publishing All or Nothing. (We just weren’t quite done with Jake’s story and decided to do it for fun!) You can get it on Amazon. 🙂

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