My Adventure Making Blood of Kings Banners

When my online reader/writer friends made a live-action book trailer for To Darkness Fled, I wanted to do something nice to thank them. They all had my books already, so that was out. Then an idea came to me. I could make them each a medieval banner for the city the character was from that each person played in the trailer. I’ve always been a crafty person, fashion major and all. Handmade gifts are my favorite to give. So over Thanksgiving break, I bought all the fabric and paint. Then I made patterns and cut them out. And then I sewed. And sewed. And sewed. The project took a bit longer than I expected, but it was totally fun.

I used my sewing machine to appliqué all the pictures on with a zigzag stitch. And I painted some of the details, since hand embroidery is something I’m very slow at. (It would have taken me a month to do one!)

The finished banners are pictured below. From left to right: Tsaftown (where Sir Gavin’s character is from), Mahanaim, Carmine (where Vrell is from), Mitspah, Berland, Sitna (where Esek and Achan grew up), and Armonguard (where the king will rule from). Click on the picture to see a close-up version.

I made two sets of banners. One for each actor or musician or CGI/foley/editor wizard. 🙂 I also made a set to keep and use when I go to conferences. My son is stumped over which on he wants to hang in his room. First it was the Tsaftown dagfish, but now he can’t decide between the Mitspah cham bear, the Sitna jeweled crown, and the Armonguard castle. My daughter has no problems choosing. She wants the Carmine grapes.

And since I was in a flag-making mood, I also made a couple Marcher Lord Press flags.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Kerry Nietz says:

    Hey…I want a Marcher Lord banner…

  2. srzasa says:

    Fantastic, Jill! If you’re ever bored and you know, not busy (Ha, ha!) I’ve got some Realm of Five flags that might be fun …

  3. Leighton says:

    Yes!!! They are AWESOME! I am SO privileged to be on the receiving end of such talent! 😀 Thanks so much!

    – Leighton

  4. Two sets! That’s a tremendous amount of work! I’m glad you’ll have a copy of the wonderful things you made us, though LOL

    I <3 my grapes! 🙂 Each banner is unique and fantastic in its own right, too!

    Thank you, Jill! You're such an artist!! What a perfect gift you thought up! =) One day, I hope God makes me as thrifty, nifty, skilled and wise as you. XD

    ~Adele 🙂

    P.s. I think I used up my exclamation mark quota for a year, there … oops. Eight exclamation marks! Make that nine now. O_o

  5. And by the way, the sewing you did, (as in on the grapes), shocks me. What precise detail. You’re a sewing machine expert of the biggest kind. (!) 😉

  6. Christine says:

    LOVE them! How beautiful and what a wonderful thing for the book trailer folks to receive! As a fashion major and sewing machine aficionado myself, I can appreciate the inclination to create like this! Beautiful job!

  7. Hey Jill!

    Thanks SO much for the beautiful banner!!!

    – Ness


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