Filming the From Darkness Won Trailer

I’m in St. Louis at the home of a very kind and generous family. This is the home base for filming the book trailer for From Darkness Won. We’ve filmed scenes in a vineyard, a cave, a field of horses,  a park with a castle in it, a green screen room downstairs, and more. I’m so blessed to get to be here with the crew and to have a small part in this project. Above you see a picture of Christian Miles as Achan.

Nightwing Studios is doing a fundraiser to help them raise money for future projects. If you liked the To Darkness Fled trailer, go and see what Nightwing Studios is up to at the Kickstarter site and support them. There are only a few more days left:

And today three of us head over to the ACFW conference. More on that later. 🙂





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