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Well… it turns out that all this time, I’ve been going about podcasting in the wrong way. Big surprise for a girl who figures things out at she goes, huh?

Apparently, podcasts aren’t audio books. They are more like radio shows. I’m supposed to be a host for the program that I’m about to present. So, I’m going to give that a whirl here with book two. Let me know how I’m doing, okay?

And… about the broken mic. I ordered a new one, but I wasn’t careful and ordered one for a sound stage, not a USB port. UG! So I’m still using the headset for now. Sorry. :-/

In this episode of the To Darkness Fled podcast we find Vrell in a boat in Darkness, watching through Esek’s eyes, hoping to discover what his plans are now that he knows who she is.



3 Responses to “TO DARKNESS FLED- EPISODE 1”

  1. Leighton says:

    Jill, don’t return your mic, just get an XLR to USB adapter online.

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