The Final Hour (Homelanders, book 4) by Andrew Klavan

Review by Jill Williamson

Charlie West is in prison, and not just some juvenile detentions center. He’s in Abingdon State Prison, a high security prison for the vilest offenders. And between the prisoners and the brutal guards, it looks like Charlie might be someone’s next victim.

But his memories are slowly coming back, and Charlie learns that a terrorist strike is coming soon. He has to do something, but what? No one will listen to a convict, all his allys are gone, and time is ticking away. But Charlie can’t give up. Not when lives are at stake.

Loved it! And I closed this book with a smile on my face, because these four novels really felt like one big story, and it was tough to wait for each next one. I loved the way Andrew Klavan told this tale, how he weaved it backwards and forwards with action and memories and mystery. It was very cleverly done. This is a GREAT series for boy readers. So if you love action and adventure novels, or if you’re looking for some books for a young man, look no further. This is the series. I highly recommend all four Homelander books.

Age Range: 12 and up
Genre: suspense/action adventure
Part of a Series: The Homelanders, book 4
Pages: 352
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Released: 2011

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  1. Diana Dart says:

    OK, I totally need to read these books. Love me some action adventure. Thanks for the recommendation.

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