The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

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Review by Jill Williamson

Thomas is planning an escape from the corrupt monastery he grew up in. He has many secrets left for him by his dead mother. But when he sets out to accomplish that which he has been planning for years—to take the castle Magnus—he finds himself in the company of an odd band of companions. Some know things they can’t possibly know. Who to trust? And who are the Immortals?

This book was so cool! I loved it. My kind of story. 1. Medieval. 2. A mystery. 3. Mentions of King Arthur and Merlin. The characters were wonderful. A young orphan, a mysterious knight, a pretty girl, and a pickpocket boy. Who to trust? What is going on? So many questions that all played out to a satisfying conclusion. And at only 224 pages, a really quick read. Highly recommended!

Age Range: 12 and up
Genre: historical fiction, fantasy
Part of a Series: book one in the Merlin’s Immortals series
Pages: 224
Publisher: Waterbrook Publishers
Released: 2012

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