Jill here! Welcome to the 2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt!

CFSHsquareThis hunt has 32 stops and runs 5/17 to 5/19/13. If you make the loop, reading unique content from 31 different authors, and fill out the Rafflecopter form at Stop #32, you’ll be in the running for an iPad Mini (loaded with all our books), or one of two runner-up prizes—all 31 of our new releases in paperback.

Some authors are offering additional prizes, so be sure to read each post thoroughly to be in the running for everything that’s available. The contest is open internationally too!

If you’ve JUST discovered the hunt, I recommend you start at Stop #1, found at But you can also begin here, and keep rolling. Just be aware that if you win, you need to email Lisa Bergren (within 24 hours) the COMPLETED phrase in the correct order (which you construct by gathering clues at each stop). If Lisa doesn’t hear back from you with the correct phrase within the time limit, she will move on to the next winner that Rafflecopter draws.

Ready? Here we go…


Meet Patricia Hickman

Patricia Hickman body shot skirtI’m excited to host Patricia Hickman today. I’ve not read her books, so I’m discovering her along with many of you. I’ve got to say, I’m intrigued. Her books sound powerful and gripping. I’ve heard that she writes “beautiful” and “captivating” stories and that she has a “lyrical voice.” Doesn’t that make you want to get a hold on one of her books right now? She’s also a pastor’s wife, so that tells me that she understands a lot of things about life.

Here is her official bio:

Patricia Hickman is the best-selling author of The Pirate Queen and 17 other books. Her works receive consistently good reviews from national reviewers like Publishers’ Weekly. If upmarket fiction can be branded, her stories attempt to possess the dreams of southern culture—“our village secrets, our passion for idioms, our spiritual passages, and our companionable pilgrimages.”

Today, Patricia is sharing about her new book Tiny Dancer, and what she shares gave me chills. I so want to read this book now and see how she put her visit to the Outer Banks to the page. Learn more at  Or you can find her on Facebook or Twitter @patriciahickman.


A Scavenger Hunt Exclusive: TINY DANCER, by Patricia Hickman

What would you do if you knew that crossing through a forbidden backyard garden might open the door to a mysterious but exciting new world? However, once you cross over, you risk alienating your family from you. Fifteen-year-old Flannery Curry is an Irish step dancer coming of age in the highly charged 60s in Bitterwood Park, North Carolina. One pivotal summer brings her to such a crossroads.

Flannery’s story, while fraught with survivor’s guilt and forbidden friendships with a family her stepmother hates, is also interwoven with her romantic crush on the boy who taught her all of her dance moves, Billy Thornton. Billy is Flannery’s forever crush. However, she is fifteen and Billy is eighteen and an upperclassman graduating high school. He’s never seemed to notice Flannery’s infatuation with him, although her nosy best friend Claudia figures it out. No spoilers, but when Flannery and Claudia catch up with Billy and his older friends at an Outer Banks clam bake, Flannery takes her infatuation a step too far.

IMG_0314My husband and I traveled to the Outer Banks for my research. But since Tiny Dancer is set in the 60s, I had to find out about the history of Outer Banks’ life during that decade. It was all I hoped it would be. Along the strand, a famed bandstand and dance hall that was highly popular and drew in many famous headliners, created a backdrop for music, clambakes, and a place where Flannery and her friends might gather.

Before writing Tiny Dancer, I had been kicking around a coming-of-age story with a theme of survivor’s guilt. One afternoon, my husband and I were attending an Irish festival. We had taken our children every year to expose them to clans and my family’s colorful ancestry. (We’re from the Clan of Muir) While a team of Irish step dancers performed, a young girl poised front and center did a turn that was perfect, except when she came around she was sobbing. All eyes fastened on the tiny dancer who obviously did not want to be there. There, in that emotional and rather painful moment, rose the missing piece of my story. I grabbed my writing journal and outlined my next novel, Tiny Dancer. (Note to emerging writers: Never leave home without a compact writing journal! You never know when your next story will tell you what it’s about.)

I hope you are encouraged by Flannery Curry’s journey toward a mysterious yearning to belong and also entertained by what has been a labor of love written just for you, my reader.

Tiny Dancer releases mid-June and is my 18th book and 17th novel.



Jill here again. Thanks for visiting my blog, Patricia! I can’t wait to read your book. Just looking at the cover reminds me of the dancer you saw, who was crying. I’m totally hooked.


Tiny Dancer Thumb


Patricia Hickman’s new release, Tiny Dancer, is a powerful coming-of-age story about a forbidden friendship and an impossible romance. It will be available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble on June 25th. Learn more on Patricia’s website by clicking here. Or check out the book on Goodreads by clicking here. Also, since you can’t pre-order this wonderful book yet, please follow Patricia’s Facebook page to get an update of when the book will be available. Click on the image below to “like” her page.



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Captives The Safe Lands

If you know teenagers who love to read, or if you like reading books like The Hunger Games or Divergent, here’s a contest for you! I’m giving away twenty copies of my book Captives (To learn more about Captives, click here). Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. International entries are welcome!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck in both the scavenger hunt and in my bonus contest! And as always, look under Contests and Freebies to see what other giveaways you might be able to enter on my website.



  1. The cover for TINY DANCER is beautiful.

  2. Linda Finn says:

    I have children who love to read.
    Linda Finn

  3. Jill F. says:

    would love to win

  4. Mary Whitby says:

    I’m a 77 year old child at heart.

  5. Judy Vandiver says:

    Captured sounds like a great book that I would enjoy picking up for my grandsons. Thanks.

  6. Beth Rumbaugh says:

    I, too, have done the Beth Moore study of Daniel. While I cannot afford to buy all the books I’ve read about on this scavenger hunt, I may get yours.

  7. Daphne Self says:

    I tried to enter: I already follow you on FB and twitter. Tried to sign up for the newsletter. My internet is wonky and I’m tired of fighting with it. I’m borderline chucking it out the door. 🙂
    Since my son is a fan of yours I plan to purchase your books come September for his birthday. 🙂

    • Jill Williamson says:

      I’m sorry, Daphne! You can still enter for FB and Twitter. Just click the green “I’m a fan” button or the “I’m following on Twitter” button. I totally understand how the internet can make you want to throw things. LOL
      Tell your son I say, “Hi!” 🙂

  8. Nat Homgren says:

    Thanks for the great fun!

  9. Jennifer Hatridge says:

    Thanks so much – very excited about this book for my 13 year old son, who is a very serious reader.

    • Jill Williamson says:

      You’re welcome, Jennifer! Woot, for serious readers. I think he’d love Failstate too, the superhero book by John Otte that was two stops before this one. Those books are fabulous. 🙂

  10. Melissa says:

    I am such a fan of YA and of Christian fiction. I’m so excited to discover you through this scavenger hunt. I would love to win a copy, but I won’t be able to resist buying one anyway if I dont!

  11. Cherie Kasper says:

    I would love to have one of your books, have one granddaughter and 2 grandsons that would love your books. Good birthday and Christmas presents that I can give them.

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m trying to sign up for the newsletter, but the link is being wonky. It’s saying that “The subscription form you used contains an error. Please contact support.” Help? (I’d do the other two, but I don’t have Facebook or Twitter.)

    • Jill Williamson says:

      I tried to manually add your email address, Sarah. You should get an activation email from me. Check your spam too, just in case it goes there. It will be from Feedblitz. Sorry about the trouble…

  13. Barbara Thompson says:

    My great-nephew would love this book!! He’s a passionate reader like me. He walks around with a book in his hands. He’s eleven, but reading at 10th grade level. Unfortunately, I cannot access the Rafflecopter when it’s posted on a page, but thank you for the opportunity to participate in the contest.
    Barbara Thompson

    • Jill Williamson says:

      I know the type, Barbara! I am the type (to always have a book in my hands). LOL

      Sorry about the trouble with the Rafflecopter widget. I can manually add your entry to the Rafflecopter. Which of the three entry options did you do and I’ll add your email to the master Rafflecopter list, if you’d like me to.

  14. wanda barefoot says:

    Thank you for participating in the hunt and for the extra giveaway!

  15. Charity Schweitzer says:

    So excited to find a new author for my daughter 🙂 of course I usually enjoy her books too 😉

    • Jill Williamson says:

      LOL I know what you mean. I love reading YA books. Well, most of them… LOL
      Nice to meet you, Charity! 🙂

  16. I’m over 40 and I loved both Hunger Games and Divergent (love reading YA, helps since I am writing my first YA novel). Am excited for the chance to win a book for me to read then share with my teenagers. Thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt and the giveaways!

  17. Jasmine A. says:

    Thanks for hosting this section of the Scavenger Hunt! I love the premise of your book Tiny Dancer, just love Irish Dancing!

    Jasmine A.

  18. laynah says:

    I look forward to discover your world (in books!).

  19. Celita says:

    I am stuck at the sobbing step dancer… poor thing. but, how neat that it provided the inspiration for a book character… perhaps she’ll come across this story some day, and realize it was HER. And, be blessed somehow… I hope so. 🙂 thank you for sharing.

  20. Mary Kay says:

    Jill, Loved hearing how the Daniel study prompted Captives! I enjoy hearing how other authors are inspired (and Beth Moore has inspired a couple of mine too. Fun.) My grandsons would devour that book…AFTER I read it. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the Scavenger Hunt. And blessings on continued writing.

    • Jill Williamson says:

      I’m so glad you read the books first, Mary! That’s such a good thing, and so many adults don’t. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

  21. Carol Kelley says:

    I enjoy reading young adult fiction. Would love to check out your books.

  22. Love the post, Jill. And I love Captives!

  23. Chrystiana says:

    I look forward to looking up your books very soon and adding them to my reading pile 🙂

  24. Amy says:

    Tried to sign up for newsletter but link did not work and could not find another place to do it. Would you sign me up. amylsmith(at)bledsoe(dot)net. Entering contest. thanks. This has been a fun journey with lots of new authors. I would like to read your books and my daughter enjoyed hunger games and sure she would enjoy yours.

  25. Audra Silva says:

    Love the story behind Tiny Dancer. Yet another book to add to my to read list. 🙂

  26. Layla says:

    I would love to enter for captives (The Hunger Games<3) but can't get the rafflecopter to work. Is there any way you could assist me in this?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the potential to win one of your books! I am always trying to get my daughter to read more. So, I read YA and adult books and try to get her to read books that I think she will enjoy.

  28. Doreen says:

    Looks like another page I will have to come back and read once I make it to the end of the hunt! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your books!


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