Zondervan’s Safe Lands Ebook Sale

Zondervan/Blink has put the ebook of Captives on sale to celebrate the release of Outcasts. Click on the image below to see the interactive ad, as mine is just a copy of their image. Or you can click on these links to find the ebooks.

Captives on Kindle

Captives on Nook

Captives on iTunes

Outcasts on Kindle

Outcasts on Nook

Outcasts on iTunes


Click on the ad to make the links active.


3 Responses to “Zondervan’s Safe Lands Ebook Sale”

  1. TW Wright says:

    Ooh!! I want to buy Captives so bad!!! But, have to check with mom first… 🙂 Then hopefully I’ll buy…. 😀

    TW Wright

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