CSFF Blog Tour – A Draw of Kings by Patrick W. Carr

This month the CSFF Blog Tour is featuring the adult fantasy novel A Draw of Kings by Patrick W. Carr, the third and final book in The Staff and The Sword trilogy. 

I had the pleasure of reading A Cast of Stones, the first book in this trilogy, before it was released. You can read my thoughts here. I read the second book before reading the third so that I could get all caught up for the final installment of this epic adventure. I was not disappointed! I really enjoyed this series. If you haven’t read them, you should. Here are all three in order. Such gorgeous covers!


And here is my review of book three.


After completing his quest to Merakh, Errol and his companions return to Erinon. But things are not as they were. The king has died, and Duke Weir has taken over the realm. Duke Weir has them all arrested. He plans to force Errol to work as his omne, to marry Adora, and crown himself king.

It is not long before they escape and foil Duke Weir’s plans. But the kingdom is still in terrible danger. The barrier has fallen and ferrals are making their way toward Erinon, killing everything in their path. And they still don’t know who should be the next king. Adora sets off on a diplomatic mission to the shadow lands to sign the promised treaty with the banished people (whose name I forgot). Errol sets off for Ongol to bring back the holy book. Both journeys are perilous but necessary to the survival of Erinon. And so Errol and Adora part ways again. Will they accomplish their missions? Will they see each other again?

These books are wonderful! Patrick Carr did a great job of writing an epic tale with tons at stake and creating heroes worthy of saving the day. I really enjoyed his main characters. They were my favorite part of the stories. I loved Errol. I loved Rokha. Other favorites were Merodach, Rale, Cruk, and Martin. I liked the mystery of each character’s backstory. And I thought it was cool how the church couldn’t argue with the book once they’d read it. And I also have to mention the cool magic of casting lots. Very neat.

This was a fabulous ending to a great trilogy. I found the storyworld fascinating. I did NOT enjoy that there was no map! Why??? Maps are cool. Why do publishers continue to thwart my dreams of maps in books? I really wanted a map for this series. I wanted it badly! It would have helped me keep track of where everything was a little better. This book also could have used a couple of pages in the front that listed the characters. While I easily remembered the main characters, on some of the minor characters I found myself paging back through the books, trying to remember who was who. Though to be fair, my fantasy novels have this same problem.

A couple things that gave me pause… Errol using swords. He rocks at the staff. Swords seemed unnecessary. And I also felt like the other nationalities were very similar to middle eastern people and native Americans. Though, again, to be fair, in my books I used Native Alaskan traits for my Berland people. So, perhaps I’m picking on Patrick for things I would have done differently in my own books… 

All-in-all, I loved this series, and I think that if you enjoy fantasy novels, you will too. So if you haven’t read them yet, get over to your local bookstore and pick up book one! Or, if you’re an ebook reader, book one is FREE in all formats. Go to B&N or Amazon or CBD  to download yours right now! 

Age Range: 16 and up
Genre: fantasy
Part of a Series: book three in The Staff & The Sword trilogy
Pages: 457
Publisher: Bethany House
Released: 2014
**In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.


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A Draw of Kings by Bethany House Publishers

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  1. Beckie B. says:

    I am with you on the maps. I am hopelessly directionally challenged, so when someone says east or west, I have to stop and think. It would have been great to have a map to orient myself. Thanks for your post.

  2. Krysti says:

    Jill, thanks so much for dropping by my blog yesterday! It was great to hear from you.

    I agree with you about the maps, too! I thought that Patrick did a great job of world-building (I think you do too), and I”m hoping he writes more stories about Erinon.


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