It’s Release Day for Darkness Reigns!

The end has begun!

Darkness Reigns, the first installment in my new epic fantasy series, has released into the world. If you see it in your neck of the woods, be sure and say hello and download a free copy.

I promise it doesn’t bite.





Facebook Release Party

To celebrate the release of Darkness Reigns, I’m having a Facebook release party tonight, December 1 at 6:00 pm Pacific time on my Facebook author page. There will be snacks. There will be book giveaways. There will be zany fun. I hope to see you all there!





Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part 1

Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part 1

(ebook only, releases December 2015) The god of the soil is furious. Volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, earthquakes--everything points to his unhappiness. At least this is what the people of Armania in the Five Realms believe.

Amidst the unsettling state of the world around them, the princes of Armania live their lives focused more on who will claim the throne after their sickly father, King Echad, dies. That is until Prince Wilek's concubine turns up dead--beside her, a bloodied message that seems to have come from the mother realms.

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