Tinker is free on Kindle through Saturday

If you have some young readers in your life, gift them a Kindle copy of Tinker. It’s free until Saturday, 2-18-17. (Non USA countries, see the bottom of this post for links.)



Tinker is the first RoboTales book, a science fiction fairytale series for kids ages 7 – 13 or in grades 2nd – 8th.

Praise for Tinker…

“I read this book with my daughters. My 11 year old finished it on her own. My 9 year old got caught up in reading it that she forgot to stop reading when it was my turn. (We take turns reading out loud). The characters are great- from Tinker to Robo to the evil step-brothers, to helpful Mr. Monn. It’s nice to see Cinderella spun in a boy-friendly fashion that isn’t ultimately about romance. This is a great book that both boy and girl readers will enjoy. Fun but short for the older kids, just right for the reluctant middle-grade (3-5th grade) reader.”
-Toothless in Texas, Amazon Reviewer

“Though I am not a kid, I really enjoyed Tinker…this Cinderella style under-dog story had me from the start. It is well thought out with characters you can relate to. It is a fun read for kids and adults alike. Jill Williamson has created another great series with the help of her son Luke, what a great duo! My kids and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series! 5 Stars!”
-Fire Dad^6, Amazon Reviewer


Canada? Click here.
Australia? Click here.
UK? Click here.
Everyone else, check your country’s Amazon store. It should be free in all of them.


Happy reading!

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