The Mission League is a series of six books about Spencer’s experiences as a juvenile agent-in-training in a secret organization.

“A true adventure story, The New Recruit is part Spy Kids and part The Veritas Project. It has cool spy gadgets and suspense, but it also has a deeper spiritual thread that makes it unlike most books out there. The people at the Mission League aren’t just secret agents–they’re Christian secret agents who are activated in the spiritual gifts talked about in 1 Corinthians 12.

Most authors shy away from the subject of spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, but Williamson bravely tackles it in a way that is entertaining, enlightening, and realistic. Readers familiar with the spiritual gifts will find this novel refreshing, while those who aren’t will learn about them through the story and maybe even identify the spiritual gifts that God has given them.”

—Angela Bell, Amazon reviewer

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The New Recruit (Mission 1: Moscow)

Chokepoint (Mini-Mission 1.5)

Project Gemini (Mission 2: Okinawa)

Ambushed (Mini-Mission 2.5)

Broken Trust (Mission 3: Alaska)

The Profile Match (Mission 4: Cambodia)

The Mission League Boxed Set – Ebook Only


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Character sketches by Keighley Kendig. Click on the image to see more.

New Recruit anime character sketches