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It’s Release Day for Darkness Reigns!

Darkness Reigns, the first installment in my new epic fantasy series, has released into the world. If you see it in your neck of the woods, be sure and say hello and download a free copy. I promise it doesn’t bite.

Countdown To The End: 1 Rune

When an Armanian woman is murdered in Castle Everton, she left a clue drawn in blood on the ground beside her. A Magonian rune. The problem is, Magonia is the enemy of Armania and runes forbidden by law. That makes Prince Wilek’s task of translating the rune nearly impossible. A few weeks later, Prince Trevn finds this same rune marking on a stone dropped by his cousin. Is this a coincidence or a clue to the murder?

Countdown To The End: 2 Vows

Prince Trevn was raised in the realm of Sarikar as a gesture of peace between the two nations. But now that his father has called him home, he and his best friend Hinck have made a pact. They marked each other Renegades by scarring the letter “R” into their hands and making two vows. First, not to let the realm of Armania change them and, second, to change the realm of Armania for the better. You can read more about Trevn and Hinck in Darkness Reigns.

Countdown To The End: 3 Princes

King Echad of Armania has three sons: two that are of age and one that is nearly so. The king does not believe in the right of first blood to inherit the throne. He will choose his Heir when he is ready and not a moment sooner, though the longer he tarries in making a decision, the more divided the realm of Armania becomes.

Countdown To The End: 4 Maidens

4 Maidens

In the realm of Magonia, the nomadic Chieftess Mreegan and her retinue travel on a course between five altars where they worship the goddess Magon. The chieftess is served by a special group of maidens. These maidens are chosen and trained as mantics. When something happens to one of the maidens, the position must be filled right away. In the story Darkness Reigns, one of the maidens has come to a tragic end, leaving the chieftess with only four. Who will become the newest maiden? You can find out by reading the free ebook.

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