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Medieval Facts: Lighting, part two: Torches

Have you ever tried to start a fire from plain old wood? It’s not so easy and certainly wouldn’t burst into flame like the torch in this picture. At the start, anyway. Torches were more than sticks. They were made from branches or sticks of wood, preferably green or wet wood to prevent the fire […]

Medieval Facts: Lighting, part one

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been to a rural area at night, out in the woods, far away from any buildings, it’s dark. Especially if it’s a moonless, cloudy night. So how did people see before electricity was invented? I grew up in Alaska in a home without electricity. In the summer, it stayed […]

Excerpt from By Darkness Hid: Achan Getting Dressed in Armor

If you’ve read By Darkness Hid, you know that Sir Gavin tends to rush things. I’m now working on the third book in the trilogy and Achan is getting dressed for battle–a real one, not tournament. I’ll post some interesting information about that soon, but for now, here is an excerpt from book one, when […]

Some interesting medieval facts

While I was finishing up book two in the Blood of Kings series, I pulled out all my medieval research from book one to refresh my memory on the times. Here are some fun things I learned about the middle ages that I tried to use in my book. -Medieval people did not eat with forks […]

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