Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Jill as a Guest Speaker/Teacher

Jill Williamson on December 22, 2008

Jill speaks at schools and libraries about how she became a writer, how her book got published, and how to write stories. Students like to hear how she comes up with ideas and how they should chase after their dreams, no matter how big.

Jill also teaches writing workshops for children, teens, and adults. For more information on having Jill speak at your event email: info@jillwilliamson.com. Download Jill’s speaker flyer here: –Have Jill Visit Your School or Library.


Brandy Bishop, Language Arts Teacher
Houston Middle School
“I was a bit reluctant to bring my 7th grade students to the author visit in the library.  I didn’t know the author and I worried that my students would not pay attention and be good audience members.  I’m glad we went.

Jill was very personable and relatable.  My kids were hanging on her every word.  She was animated, articulate, and most importantly, real.  Writing a two page story is impossible for many of my kids, much less a book.  But after listening to Jill, my kids were asking questions about turning their stories into a novel.  She shared her experience in a way that made writing seem possible for everyone.  Writing became something anyone can do, instead of only writers can do.  My kids saw themselves as writers.

I brought four classes down the library to hear Jill Williamson speak about herself and share her book.  I enjoyed all four presentations because Jill is easy to connect with.  She is a dynamic presenter, especially for young children and adolescents.  I was smiling or laughing the whole time.  My kids are on the waiting list to read her book.  She created an enthusiasm for reading.  She’d be a great teacher!”

Sandy Krueger, Librarian
Palmer Junior Middle School
“Our seventh and eighth grade classes had the opportunity to attend presentations by Jill Williamson last week, and teachers and students alike were totally impressed.  She did four sessions in our library, to about 80 kids at a time.  I don’t remember even one student who was not actively listening to her. She has a relaxed style that appeals to middle school kids and talks as much about her personal history as well as her books and how she got them published. A perfect blend of information.”

Kelly Cooper
River Valley Writers Group

“We had the privilege to host Jill Williamson at our writers’ workshop geared towards young adults and adults interested in writing for young audiences. Jill did a fantastic job of presenting a wide range of tips about writing including genres, plot structure, mechanics of the written word, punctuation and self editing. She did some fun exercises and walked us through the process she used to create her own successful novel, By Darkness Hid.

Ms. Williamson is young and energetic and has the ability to get writers fired up about the adventure of creating a story. I think what impressed me most was the fact that she invited the kids to send their work to her and she looked it over and responded to each one with praise and constructive criticism. Not many writers—let alone a busy mom– will take the time to care about each individual’s development like she did. Several parents approached me later saying that it meant so much for the kids to get feedback from Jill. As a free lance editor she has that extra skill in critiquing that gives her input so much value to writers.”

Mary A. Hake, President
Oregon Christian Writers
“Jill Williamson has taught workshops on writing for Young Adults at OCW writers’ conferences. Her workshops have been well-received and helpful. Recently on one of our evaluation forms, a conference attendee wrote: “Anything by Jill Williamson” in the suggestions for future teachers and speakers. I highly recommend her. Her knowledge of writing and her creativity make her an excellent choice.”


Kitty Benson, MLS, Librarian
Houston Middle School
“Although 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students can be hard to engage, Jill was a captivating speaker. Each Language Arts class for each grade level came in all day long each period. Jill quickly had the attention of all 60+ students by speaking to them honestly and openly about her experiences as a writer. Particularly interesting to them was the process she went through to become a good writer including some of her first ideas that did not turn out well. She described how she comes up with story lines, plots, characters, and settings. She told the story about how she got the idea for By Darkness Hid and how it grew over time with various pieces of it falling into place. Her presentation was fascinating, presented simply and understandably, but she never talked down to the students or ever seemed out of patience or tired even though it was an exhausting day.”

Caroline Colson, 3rd Grade Teacher
Humbolt Elementary
“When Jill Williamson presented to my 3rd grade class, she explained the process of becoming an author, as well as how she continues to develop new stories.  She did a great job talking to them at their level and inspiring them to continue to write and practice their writing skills. My students were very excited to learn that such a talented writer lives in our community.  After the presentation, the students were thrilled to check out her books at our school library.”

Janelle Maki, Librarian
Houston High School

“Jill has a wonderful rapport with students.  They appreciated the time she took time to answer questions about her book and being an author.  I was also quite impressed that she offered to read and give student’s critique on their own writing even though her schedule for our school visit was quite full.  Students really appreciated the offer of being able to keep in touch with Jill through e-mail or Facebook after her visit.  Having Jill visit our school and talk with students about her book and being an author is something some of our budding writers will remember for a lifetime.”

Mary Sanford, English Teacher
Houston High School
“In visiting my English I classroom of high school freshmen, Jill brought a wealth of information and teaching, but more importantly she brought inspiration and encouragement to young writers!

Before her visit, the students were politely interested in the “writing process” from an outside source (not just their teacher), and yet Jill presented it to them in a refreshing, different way.  For example, it was neat to hear about how she gathered information and how hard she worked on her maps – “for fun”.  It was also neat to hear about where she got ideas for writing: anywhere, everywhere!

She answered questions thoroughly, enthusiastically, and with down-to-earth grace.  We appreciated her honesty on all aspects of the writing process. Her website is a great tool for writers.”


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