Street Team

Welcome, fellow explorers! I’m so glad that you’ve found your way to this special webpage.

What is a street team?

A street team is an exclusive, members-only group made up of fans who who help spread the word about something amazing. My street team is made up of people who love Jill Williamson books so much that they absolutely must create buzz about my old books and telling the world about each new book that hits bookstores.

I write books with the goal of shining light into the dark parts of our world. So it’s important to me to get those books out there where people can find them and read them (and hopefully become explorers of fantasy worlds who want to read more and be on my street team). But I can’t do this on my own because I’m only one person, who (unfortunately) has no magic bloodvoicing skills (a kind of telepathy) to message the world to go read my stories. I know. Bummer, right?  😥

There are over a million books published every year in the United States alone. With so many out there, how do people decide what to read? How will they ever find out I exist?

That’s where my street team comes in. They are called the Veil Warriors.

Think about the last book you went out and bought. You likely heard something about first. Maybe a friend told you it was amazing. Or perhaps everyone was talking about it. This is called word-of-mouth, and it’s a form of magic, I promise you. Word-of-mouth sells books in an instant where thousands of dollars in advertising fails.

All that to say, I can crow about my books all day long (and will likely scare people away with my enthusiasm), but my street team can crow about my books, and people will line up to see what all the fuss is about. People want a sure investment. That’s why they care what other people think. What YOU think.


Can I join? What are the qualifications?

I’m always accepting new explorers who are excited to spread the word about my books. The qualifications are that you have read at least one of my books and LOVED IT! 😀 That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you only like that one book and never read the others. And it doesn’t matter who you know or how many people you can reach. From mega-bloggers, to librarians and teachers, to avid readers who share with friends, everyone is welcome here.


What does this street team do?

There is no ONE THING all members must do. Everyone is different and busy, so don’t ever feel obligated to respond to every comment or request. Do what you can when you have time and want to. Here are the two main types of help I need:

Beta Bookworms: When I finish a first draft of a book or screenplay (or maybe even a chapter or scene), I often need a select number of readers who can give me feedback.

Promo Peeps: People to help spread the word! I will send out information on new releases, on old books that need fresh promo, and about news to share with your social media followings, in-person friends, and libraries. Promo Peeps help in the following ways (and I usually ask that for a free book, you do at least three):

-Tell people about my books.
-Buy the book either on pre-order, on release day, or soon thereafter, which helps get the book ranked higher on the bestseller lists, which helps more people see it.
-Post honest (but kind and fair) reviews as soon as possible on Amazon, Goodreads, B&, CBD, etc.
-Help with social media for new releases, sales, or announcements.
-Post information, like interviews, book reviews, excerpts, etc on your blog, website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
-Come to and spread the word about my online appearances like chats, blog tours, or Facebook parties.
-Ask your local library or school library to order the book. (I will give you flyers to help with this.)
-Let me know when you’re attending a conference or comic con so I can send you swag and goodies to hand out while you’re there. (Give me at least a month’s warning, in case I need to order supplies.)
-Find me at writing conferences and/or book tours, if I’m in your area, so we can do coffee (or ice cream) and I can hang out with you. If there is more than one of my street team around, we shall turn it into a Gathering. (Doesn’t that sound mysteriousy fun?)


What are the perks for being on the street team?


Promoting my books is part of my day job, not yours. For those few and mighty who sign on to help, you will receive:

-Access to me and my writing world.  🙂
-Support from me if I can give it, like sharing your posts or answering writing questions.
-Monthly Street Team emails from me where I will share upcoming news, secret plans, gossip about my life, sneak peeks at new projects, excerpts, first looks at book covers, giveaways to enter, polls, upcoming calendar of events, and more.
-Entry into the exclusive Street Team Facebook group so we can plot and talk and laugh together. There will also be periodic Facebook live events where I will answer questions, read a new excerpt, perform for you in some (hopefully entertaining way), or just hang out.
-Monthly giveaways. Automatic entry into my Street Team giveaways. (Examples of giveaways are: autographed copies of my books, crafty and swaggy things I make, B&N Book Buys, and Gift Cards.)
-Special challenges. Opportunities to participate in weekly and monthly challenges, from which you will be entered to win other prizes like, autographed books, swag, and more.
-Free promo materials—some for you to keep and some to distribute.
-Coupons for my author bookstore.
-A discount to writing workshops or master classes I lead myself. (Such conferences are, hopefully, coming in the future.)
-My enthusiastic thanks, hugs, high-fives, and bows of respect.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, unfortunately, the high cost of international shipping forces me to limit the mailing of promotional materials to the continental US. Sorry!


Interested in joining my street team? Do these two (or three) things:

1. Join this Street Team newsletter list (which is different from my author newsletter list). You will receive an email confirmation. If you don’t, check your spam or promotional folder and click “not spam” or “filter into inbox.”

2. Fill out this Google form, which will give me all the information I need to mail you surprises and get to know you a little better.

3. If you have Facebook, join this Facebook Street Team group. (If you don’t have Facebook, that’s okay. You can still be on the street team. I talk to everyone through the monthly newsletter, but I will interact much more often with the Facebook group.)


Readers Group

If  you’re an explorer who loves my books but is not sure you want to join the Street Team, why don’t you try my Readers of Jill Williamson Facebook Group instead? This is some of the fun with none of the work. You’ll see more of my posts in the reader’s group that you would in the regular Facebook Page (below), since Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms only show page posts to a certain number of people, despite the fact that they’ve all clicked “like.” In the reader’s group, you’ll see announcements, get to interact with me, complete polls, answer questions, hear about where I’ll be speaking, and find out when new books release.


Facebook Fan Page

Or if you’d rather simply show your support with one click, you can like my Facebook Fan Page by clicking “like” on the widget below.


Thanks again for your interest in my books and hanging out with me. I’m so glad you stopped by. Keep on exploring new, fantastical storyworlds.