Get Published

Believe it or not, you can get published! Below is a list of publications that accept submissions from teens. Some pay and some don’t, but all are count as publishing credits toward your writing career. Check them out!

If you experience a bad link or discover that one of these publications does not accept submissions from teens, please email me so I can fix it! Thanks!

Aletheia Writing Magazine: Creativity for Christian teens.

Appleseeds: General social studies for ages 6-9.

Babybug:   Listening and learning for toddlers and preschoolers.

Boy’s Life: A magazine for all boys.

Calliope: World history for ages 9-14.

Christian Communicator: A magazine for Christian writers. A good way to break in might be to interview an author, editor, or agent.

Cicada: High-quality literary magazine for teenagers and young adults.

The Claremont Review: A biannual magazine that showcases teen writers ages 13-19.

Cobblestone: American history for ages 9-14.

Cricket: Award winning fiction for ages 9-14.

Cyberteens: An online Young Adult ezine.

Devo’Zine: A devotional magazine for teens and by teens. (Click on the Writer’s Corner link on the left-hand menu.)

Dig: Archeology for ages 9-14.

Encounter: Christian magazine for Jr. and Sr. high school students.

Faces: World cultures and geography for ages 9-14.

Frodo’s Notebook: A journal of teens, literature, and the arts for ages 13-19.

Guide: A Christian magazine for youth ages 10-14.

Highlights for Children: A story and activity magazine for children ages 6-12. *They do not pay authors under age 16.

Insight: A weekly magazine for teens age 13-19 published through the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Ladybug: Stories and poems for ages 2-7.

Listen: A magazine promoting good physical, mental, and social health and drug prevention.

Merlyn’s Pen: Fiction, essays, and poems by America’s teens.

New Moon: Bringing girls’ voices to the world.

Odyssey: Science for ages 9-14.

Pockets: A wholesome devotional magazine for 6-12 year olds.

QuickTales Quarterly (or Q2 for short): showcases high-quality short fiction from new writers, established authors, and everyone in between, written from a Christian worldview.

Relate: A magazine for fun-loving, motivated, smart girls.

Shine Brightly: A Christian magazine for girls 9-14.

Skipping Stones: A culturally diverse magazine for young readers ages 8-16.

Sparkle: A Christian magazine designed for girls in first through third grade.

Spider: A reading and activity magazine for kids ages 6-9.

Starsongs Magazine: A general market quarterly magazine for kids by kids ages 9-19.

Stone Soup: Welcomes submissionis for kids through age 13.

Student Leader Magazine: The official publication of ASGA.

Student Leadership Journal: A magazine for student leaders.

Susie Magazine: Creative Corner

Teen Ink: Written by teens ages 13-19.

Tiny Giant: For youth ages 12-20.