Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 2, 2014


Alpha Group:

Spencer Garmond sarcastic, hot-headed freshman; tall, red-haired, basketball player; grandson to Alice Garmond who forces him to join the Mission League.

Gabriel “Gabe” Stopplecamp handsome and all-around likable sophomore; curly, black hair with glasses and braces; son of Mr. S; honest, good-hearted musician.

Jensina Hicks junior; Asian girl with Emo hair and a serious attitude; loves to read; straight-A student; seeking the Administration path.

Isaac Schwarz fun-loving surfer; home-schooled senior; leader of Alpha group; plans to attend Mount Olive Special Forces Training Camp in the fall.


Diakonos Group:

Arianna Sloan a freshman chatterbox; small, twiggy missionary kid with a British accent; lived in France, England, and Japan before moving to the States; loves languages and medicine.

Isabel Rodriguez sophomore; petite, curvy Cuban native with curly brown hair; often speaks Spanglish; loves to sing and work in her mami’s beauty salon.

Nicolas “Nick” Muren sophomore; dark-haired, arrogant pretty boy; father is a pastor at a mega church; dislikes Spencer; enjoys acting and partying.

Elizabeth “Beth” Watkins junior; brown-haired, tough girl; former district champion in League Combat Training; plans to attend Mount Olive Special Forces Training Camp after graduation.

Jacob “Jake” Lindley African American junior; sarcastic, tidy, straight A student with cornrows; leader of Diakonos group; loves academics and debate; seeking the Public Corruption post.



Priere- mid fifties; tall and thin with black hair; wears suits; native of France; never married, former field agent; now serves as a Level One intercessor.

Rolf Andersen- early forties; tall, pale, and muscular with red hair and freckles; never married; field agent assigned to protect his nephew, Spencer Garmond.

Patrick “Mr. S” Stopplecamp- late forties; out of shape, pink-faced bald man with a tiny double chin and thick glasses; serves as a Level One teaching agent in Pilot Point.

Jeannette “Jeanie” Stopplecamp- mid forties; short, round, with black curly hair and glasses; wife of Patrick; mother of sixteen-year-old Gabe and twelve-year-old identical twins Mary and Martha; serves as a teaching agent with her husband.

Ivan Petrovich- late fifties; gray-haired Russian; serves as the Administrative Director of the Moscow Field Office, husband of Lena, father of Tatyana and Pasha.

Tatyana Ivanovna- early twenties; slim, brown-haired good-hearted Russian; daughter of Ivan; serves as an agent in the Moscow Community Helps Department; current project is the Homeless and Occupational Development Center outside Gorky Park.

Ryan Matheson- early twenties; tall, muscular, brown-haired cocky American; serves as a field agent in the Moscow New Cults Department; current assignment is to watch and protect Anya Vseveloda.

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