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Jill Williamson on January 2, 2014


Break in: Students learn how to infiltrate a facility without causing damage or being detected.

Defensive Driving: Students learn how to drive a car, motorcycle, SUV, and bus around a rigorous training route.

Escape: Students learn escape options for when they are captured.

Hacking: Students study computers and hacking techniques.

Interrogation: Students learn how to question suspects.

League Combat Training (LCT): Students learn a combination of four martial arts: Aikido, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, and Tae Kwon Do; practice gymnastic martial arts skills; train in a variety of weapons: stick, sickle, sword, sais, and staff; and study the four tiers of self defense training.

Lie Detection: Students learn how to tell when a person is lying.

Occupational Training Missions (OTM): Students volunteer as interns at locations where they can practice other trainings.

Outdoor Survival Training (OST) Hikes: Students hick to various objectives with limited supplies. Terrains vary.

Report Writing: Students learn to write reports to turn into International.

Rescue: Students lean how to plan and execute rescues.

Schematics: Students learn to draw and read floor plans and blueprints.

Spiritual Warfare: Students study spiritual warfare and practice techniques to combat demonic attacks.

Stakeout: Students learn how to monitor a suspect.

Surveillance: Students monitor the behavior, activities, and trail of information on a suspect.

Track and Report: Students learn how to tail a suspect and how to communicate with base via wires.

Undercover: Students practice going undercover, creating aliases, and creating disguises.

Weapons: Students learn about all kinds of weapons, how to disassemble guns, and how to shoot to subdue, not to kill.

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  1. Ablazed C.C. says:

    I’m currently reading the first book of the series. I love reading it and I also love the fact that it doesn’t only end in one book but continues! I think it is an amazing book and series. Thank you for writing this!

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