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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

magosMagos is a matriarchal village at the mouth of the River Arnon. The Magonians mostly keep to themselves with the exception of Cherem. A war has gone on between Cherem and Magos for the past 240 years when Queen Justess Bhaltair’s brother abducted and took for his bound, the beten of Sar Orind Zalmon, ruler of Cherem at the time. Cherem is still trying to avenge this outrage despite the beten having died over two hundred years ago.

Magos’ blazon is a skull on a quartered background of orange and black.

Reegan Bhaltair, Queen of Magos
-her First-bound, Oln
-their children:
-Verilia, nineteen, their eldest daughter
-Evaline, a sixteen-year-old girl
-Myreegan, their eldest son
-Zowie, a boy of thirteen
-Uxio, a boy of eleven
-Dugan, a boy of eight
-Reanna and Taylina, twin girls, five
-Nemon, a boy of three
-Schwyl, a boy of one
-her Second-bound, Allyn
-their children:
-Haral, a boy of seventeen
-Kain, a boy of ten
-her Third-bound, Grana
-their children:
-Malva, a girl of twelve
-Innis, a boy of nine
-Jaryn, a boy of four
-her Fourth-bound, Selv
-their children:
-Mab, boy of three
-her mother, Queen Mother Haraline
-her siblings:
-Priestess Laina
-Cathan, an Aquar, Magos deserter
-her household:
-Neela, her advisor
-Braz, her steward
-Kain, her personal guard
-Res, her head attendant

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