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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 28, 2012

allowntownDuring the reign of King Bole, his third son, Prince Hyder, commissioned a small manor to be built in the orchards north of Mahanaim. The prince loved cider and the orchards flourished under his leadership. Pippin Agros, a local farmer who worked the orchards, invented a cider press to increase production. Prince Hyder was so impressed with the invention, and the improved quality of the cider, that he promoted Pippin to oversee the orchards. When Prince Hyder’s eldest son, Levy, took rule of Mahanaim, he named the orchards Allowntown and set Pippin Agros as Lord of the small manor. Besides being known for its fruit, Allowntown has a plentiful potato harvest and is a popular place for foxhunting parties.

After King Axel Hadar and Queen Dara were murdered on the land, Sir Baruch, Lord of Allowntown, built a statue to honor their fallen ruler and placed it next to the tree under which their bodies were found. That tree is now known as the memorial tree. Allowntown sits on the border of Darkness in the heart of the Evenwall.

Allowntown’s blazon is an allown tree on a red background.

Sir Baruch Agros, Lord of Allowntown
      -his wife, Sheeda, deceased
      -their children:
            – Baldwin, 24, Heir to Allowntown
            – Cortland, 21
            – Taylor, 17
      -his siblings:
            – Sir Caleb Agros, an Old Kingsguard knight
            – Lady Ginger, wed to Prince Oren Hadar

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