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Jill Williamson on April 28, 2020

Here are all the places you can find me on the many social media platforms out there. These days, I mostly hang out on my Instagram page or my Facebook page. I also blog once a week at GoTeenWriters.com. If you’re simply interested in being notified about new book releases, you can sign up for my email newsletter at the top of the sidebar. And if you want to email me, you can do that by clicking here.

Instagram (and IGTV)

It’s true. I’ve becoming completely addicted to Instagram. Mostly on the #bookstagram side, though since I’ve become a teacher, I’ve been exploring the whole #teachersofinstagram side as well. On my page, I almost wholly post about the books I’m reading, whether for fun, for my classroom library, or for my own education. I do also post about the books I’m writing and books I’m researching for my writing. I also post the occasional IGTV video on my IGTV channel. Videos range from writing challenges, book of the day recommendations, and author life videos. If you have specific writing, reading, or teaching questions, message me and I’ll answer directly, in my stories, or sometimes in a video. You can also find book recommendations and writing challenges in the various highlights on my profile. I also keep track of my annual reading challenge count in my Instagram bio. Click here or on the picture below to visit my Instagram page.



My Author Page

I have two main hangouts on Facebook. The first is my Facebook author page. I post there straight from Instagram, so this page is a good spot to get fairly regular posts from me about bookish things. I will also post announcements on this page and the occasional video, if I have one. I try to check in here a few times a week to catch up on comments. Click here or on the picture below to visit my Facebook page.


Jill’s Explorers

This is my reader fan page. I don’t post here very often. It’s more of a place for my readers to post or ask me questions. I would like to do more things here, but there is only one of me and only so many hours in a day. I hope that someday I’ll be able to hire a virtual assistant to help me do more fun things. If and when that happens, those fun things will take place in this group. You have to request to be added to this group. Click here or on the picture below to join the group.


*A note on my Facebook profile. My personal Facebook profile is meant to be only for people I know personally in my life. I don’t usually accept strangers and I never accept friend requests from my students. Please don’t take this personally. I rarely post on my Facebook profile anyway. Once a month, tops. You’ll have a much better chance of finding me on my Facebook page or Jill’s Explorer’s group.



I spend a bit of time on Goodreads. I don’t really review books often. But I do mark books I’ve read and keep up with the annual reading challenge. I also sort books into a large amount of shelves, mostly to help me remember them for when I’m planning lessons for my class (I’m also a teacher). So you should be able to find books in a wide variety of categories by snooping around my shelf. I usually accept all friend requests on Goodreads, though I don’t check them more than once or twice a month. Click here or on the picture below to view my Goodreads page.


Go Teen Writers

Go Teen Writers is a blog filled with information to help young writers of fiction. I write there with Stephanie Morrill and Shannon Dittemore. We usually post three times a week, though summers are sometimes different. My posting day is Wednesday. Go Teen Writers is a fabulous blog. It has three times been selected by Writer’s Digest magazine as a “101 Best Websites for Writers.” The Go Teen Writers archives are filled with excellent advice. If you are a writer, go and search them! You will find all the answers to your questions. The blog is over ten years old and is a really great place to find help and inspiration. You can follow the blog and/or sign up for the newsletter. Click here or on the picture below to visit the blog.



I’m on and off with my YouTube channel, honestly. I would love to be more consistent with it, but the amount of time it takes me to record and edit a video is often way too long compared to the amount of free time in my schedule. Still, I have quite a few videos posted already that you can watch, including my video on How to Format a Manuscript for Submission, that has gone somewhat viral. It was created for an online writing conference, not an actual YouTube instructional video, so keep that in mind if you watch it. I am not good about keeping up with messages or comments that come through YouTube. They almost always end up in my spam, no matter what I do to try and prevent it. So if you have a writing-related question, you’re better off contacting me here on my website or through Go Teen Writers. Click here or on the picture below to visit my YouTube page.



If you shop mostly on Amazon, you can follow my Amazon Author Page for updates. This is another way to be notified if I have a new release. Click here or on the image below to visit my Amazon Author Page.



Bookbub is a site for ebook readers looking for ebook deals. I have a page there, and if you’re a BookBub follower, you can follow me. You’ll be notified if I have a new release or a BookBub sale. That’s pretty much it. Click here or on the image below to visit my BookBub page.



Pinterest is a site I use mainly when starting a new book. I like to create a Pinterest board for each of my books, and while I’m doing the initial brainstorming and drafting, I will pin images for inspiration or sometimes to help me remember sites for research. I often heard from readers who are curious what I’ve been writing because they receive notifications about what I’ve pinned. So if you would be interested in seeing this side of an author’s work, follow me on Pinterest. You can also follow certain boards, rather than all of them. Click here or on the image below to visit my Pinterest page.



I’m no good at Twitter. I’ve tried, believe me. I think I simply talk too much to be able to pare my thoughts down to the Twitter limit. I suppose that for an epic fantasy novelist, this makes a certain amount of sense. I have a Twitter account, though. And I occasionally check in to see if there are any questions or if I’ve been tagged. I do this rarely, I’m afraid. Perhaps twice a month? Twitter is just not the place for me, I guess. If that didn’t dissuade you and you still want to follow my Twitter, click here or on the picture below.


Email Me

Again, if you’d like to email me directly, you can do so by filling in the form below.


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