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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012


Castle Armonguard in a mighty fortress built in the northern end of Lake Arman. It is the second oldest Kinsman structure in Er’Rets. King Echad Arman built it shortly after landing at Er’Rets Point. The fortress was a massive, wide tower, sixty feet high. Over the years, the castle expanded. After Câan’s death and rebirth, two more towers were added to the first, giving the appearance of three joined circles from above, a tribute to Arman for his love and sacrifice.

The king of Er’Rets has always ruled from Armonguard, with the exception of King Trevyn, who discovered Nesos Island and preferred the tropical food and climate, and King Willham, who became king during The Great War when his father died. King Willham spent most of his rule on the battlefield.

After King Axel’s death, the Queen Mother, Dalphia, went into a rage, sentencing all strays in Armonguard to prison or beheading. King Axel’s brother, Prince Oren, had been warden of Er’Rets Point at the time and hurried to Armonguard to take charge. The Council of Seven in Mahanaim was about to vote him king when Luas Nathak arrived with the lost prince. At that point, the Council asked Prince Gidon to govern the fortress of Armonguard while rule of the kingdom transferred to the Council of Seven until Prince Gidon came of age. Prince Oren has taken good care of the property, staff, and people, and is much loved.

Armonguard’s blazon is the three-towered fortress on a purple fur background. When Darkness fell in western Er’Rets, the sun was added to all royal crests as a sign that truth and light were still at the core of the Hadar name. This change was largely due to Prince Oren’s influence.

Prince Oren Hadar, Ruler of Arman Duchy and Armonguard, Councilor of Light South
      -his wife, Lady Ginger, House of Allowntown
      -their children:
            -Donediff, warden of Er’Rets Point, wed to Yulessa of Xulon
             -Glassea, a maid of fourteen, promised to wed Sir Keano Pitney
      -his siblings:
            -King Axel Hadar, wed to Lady Dara, both deceased
            -their son, Prince Gidon, heir to Er’Rets, ward to Sir Luas Nathak, of Sitna

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