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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

barth1The Otherling village of Barth was not discovered until King Trevyn the Explorer crossed the Cela Mountains from Meneton. King Trevyn managed to trade with the villagers, but found them hostile and suspicious. The Barth Pyramid existed when King Trevyn’s first visited the village, but it wasn’t until Barth joined Armonguard’s court during the reign of King Willham that any Kinsman stepped inside it. The Barthinian people are grey skinned, yet often smear grey mud on their skin as a tribute to their god. They live in mud huts that surround the massive Barth Pyramid, which Barthinians call Barthos’ Temple. The temple stands ten levels high at the center point and is used for sacrifices to Barthos, god of the soil. 

King Willham donated funds for Barth to build a manor house when they joined Armonguard’s court, but the manor never materialized. No one knows for certain where the Duke of Barth resides but visitors are always fed and entertained outdoors and housed in mud huts.

Barthinians were once a semi-nomadic, pillaging whatever villages they could find and bringing their spoils back for offerings to Barthos. The pillaging ceased once Barth joined court, but the Barthinians still practice their bizarre sacrifices and worship their god of the soil.

Their sigil is a Kuon on a white, gray, and black background of fur.

Sir Dovev Falkson, Duke of Barth Duchy, Lord of Barth, and Councilor of Darkness West Desert
      -his wife, Lady Revenya, House of Hamonah
      -their children:
            -Nongo, heir to Barth, pupil of the Black Knights
            -Katiolakan, wed to Septon Eli, Lord of Mirrorstone
            -Zinder, a boy of thirteen, squire to Marken Hamartano of Jaelport, pupil of the Black Knights     

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