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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 28, 2012


Berland began as an Otherling village deep in the Therion Forest. It wasn’t found until King Granton II’s Kingsguards got lost in a snowstorm on their way to Tsaftown. By King Granton III’s reign, Berland had sworn fealty to House Hadar.

The people are pale and dark-haired. Berland is built in the entwined branches of Therion Forest. Barbed briaroaks and snarespruce provide a strong foundation for the village in the trees. Although totally safe, unescorted visitors can be greatly wounded by the thorny trees. House Orson is still quite wild for a court village, They participate in tournament, but their dress is still quite different from the other manors in Er’Rets. Mostly made of fur, Berlanders usually leave full heads and tails of the creatures they’ve skinned on their garments. Favorites to hunt are the fire-breathing cham bear, the great while lukos wolves, and the tree-dwelling charmouse. Berlanders waste nothing, even using the bones of the animals they kill for weapons, tools, and jewelry.

Berland’s crest is a set of steel handaxes on a curtained background of black and blue fur.

Sir Choresh Orson, Duke of Therion, Lord of Berland, and Councilor of Darkness North
      -his wife, Lady Crysta, House of Har Sha’ar
      -their children:
            – Lady Kiska, his eldest daughter, wed to Sir Caelan Dromos
            – Lady Tanana, his second daughter, a maid of thirty-one
            – Koyukuk, his eldest son, heir to Berland
            – Unimak, his second son
            – Kotlik, his youngest son
            – Lady Gali, his youngest daughter, a maiden of twenty-two
      -his sisters:
            -Chitina, wed to Vadin Gershom, died in Poroo attack
            – Nenana, unmarried, a companion to Lady Gali

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