Fake IDs: American teenagers trespassing law to have fun

In a recent book about lives of American students, the question about personal freedom and social justice was raised. The book starts with showing how fake IDs became a rite of passage for American teenagers, allowing them to buy alcohol freely. Not allowing youngsters to drink leads to variety of social tensions and personal issues such as anxiety and depression. Fake IDs is one intermediary solution that teenagers have to resort to. Good as real false IDs are provided online by King Of Fakes, stay tuned with the news here. There are serious legal consequences for this seemingly innocent act, which can turn around teenager's lives.

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The Senet Box

It’s the year 1283. Prince John of Cypress and Jerusalem,
at eighteen years of age, is about to take the throne.
But a mysterious senet box he found in an Egyptian
treasure hoard had John’s full attention. It calls to him.
Some say he is obsessed. But he must solve the mystery
of the box, if only to know he is not insane.


“Among the standouts … Jill Williamson brings a fascinating
era to life in her tale of a 13th-century crusader king obsessed
with an Egyptian box and the secret it contains.”
                                  – Kirkus Review of the Spirited anthology