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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Carm Duchy

Jill Williamson on January 28, 2012

carm-duchyCarm Duchy sits at the northeast corner of Er’Rets, bound on the west by the Chowmah Mountain range, the south by the Sideros River, and on the north and east by the Gebuwl Sea. Carm is ruled by Duchess Amal, Mistress of Carmine, and Councilor of Light North. The houses in Carm Duchy are: Tsaftown, Zerah Rock, Carmine, and Sitna. All cities in Carm Duchy are in Light except the northern cliff manor of Tsaftown. The prison, Ice Island, is also part of Carm Duchy. 

carmine1The crest of Carm Duchy is that of Carmine, a bunch of maroon grapes on a field of gold fur.

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