carmine2King Trevyn the Explorer discovered the vast plains of Carm. But it wasn’t until the reign of King Granton I that Er’Retians began to immigrate into the region. King Granton I sent Duke Ryson Amal to build a stronghold in Carm and cultivate the natural grape vines into a winery. Thus Carmine was built. Carm has always been peaceful duchy. Slavery is outlawed, although Sitna Manor, being the home of Prince Gidon, makes its own decrees. Sitna and Carmine have been locked in a battle for power since the prince came to Sitna. Carm is the largest duchy in Er’Rets.

The blazon of Carmine is a bunch of maroon grapes on a field of gold fur.

Sir Pinot Amal, Duke of Carm, Lord of Carmine, and Councilor of Light North, died of gebfly fever
-his wife, Lady Nitsa Amal, House of Tsaftown
      -their children:
            -Averella, heir to Carm, eldest daughter, a maid of seventeen
            -Gypsum, a girl of twelve
            -Rioja, a girl of ten
            -Terra, a girl of seven
            -Mariel, a girl of four   
      -his brother, Verdot Amal, Warden of Ice Island

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