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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Family Fiction Magazine 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards

Jill Williamson on May 3, 2011

Family Fiction Magazine announced the results of their 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards in their May-June 2011 issue. There are some wonderful authors, books, and movies in this years results. Congrats to everyone who made the list. To my delight, the To Darkness Fled book trailer took fifth place as a favorite book trailer, and I was voted […]

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To Darkness Fled Artwork from a Reader

Jill Williamson on March 16, 2011

I got these awesome sketches of Jaira Hamartano from Ember, who gave me permission to post them on my site. Cool, huh?

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My Adventure Making Blood of Kings Banners

Jill Williamson on December 18, 2010

When my online reader/writer friends made a live-action book trailer for To Darkness Fled, I wanted to do something nice to thank them. They all had my books already, so that was out. Then an idea came to me. I could make them each a medieval banner for the city the character was from that […]

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Book Trailer: To Darkness Fled

Jill Williamson on November 23, 2010


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The release of the To Darkness Fled book trailer!

Jill Williamson on

Tonight! The release of the To Darkness Fled book trailer is 7:00 PM central time at the NightWing tribe chat box. Link is http://nwtribe.chatango.com/ 5:00 PM pacific time 6:00 PM mountain time 8:00 PM eastern time Be there to see the trailer on the very hour that it is released!

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Sir Koyukuk’s Bear Claw Necklace

Jill Williamson on June 1, 2010

Back when I was writing To Darkness Fled, I was searching online for pictures of a bear claw so that I could accurately describe it when Shung gives Achan the bear claw necklace. I found this picture and got totally excited, as this is exactly how I pictured Sir Koyukuk’s bear claw necklace that Achan […]

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The Offering Altar and Platform in Barthos’ Temple

Jill Williamson on May 7, 2010

Ideas are everywhere. I came up with the idea for this contraption on one of our long car drives through Eastern Oregon. I was thinking about book two and what horrors might befall poor Achan in Darkness. We drove past some of those huge, metal pylons that support electricity conductors. I got thinking of stories when a […]

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To Darkness Fled is now up for sale!

Jill Williamson on April 1, 2010

The fourth list is out! Three new Marcher Lord Press novels released today, incuding my second novel, To Darkness Fled (Blood of Kings, book 2). All three 4th release novels are sequels. To Darkness Fled is the second book in my Blood of Kings trilogy. Steve Rzasa’s The Word Unleashed is the concluding story from The […]

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Publisher’s Weekly Reviews To Darkness Fled

Jill Williamson on March 10, 2010

“Christian fantasy is the wee niche in which this fat book fits, and here’s hoping its quality helps enlarge the niche. Williamson pens an action-packed, imaginative second installment in the Blood of Kings trilogy. Achan Cham… rides with a party in Darkness, the unlit half of the Kingdom of Er’Rets, to free two unjustly imprisoned […]

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To Darkness Fled: Chapter One

Jill Williamson on March 1, 2010

What do you mean she’s gone? Vrell Sparrow smiled at Esek Nathak’s sharp tone. She’d been hoping to intrude upon this moment. She twisted the false prince’s silk sleeve in her hands and held her breath, thankful she’d kept the scrap of fabric. Personal items made it easier to look in on someone’s mind like […]

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