cheremCherem is a barbaric, tribal village that worships Dalakesh, the god of fire. When Echad Hadar first looked on Cherem from a distance, he sensed it would be a dangerous place. Still, once he was settled in his new Armonguard fortress, King Echad decided to visit Cherem once more. His party had barely entered the village before a dozen villagers rushed them with burning torches, attempting to set fire to their horses and packs. King Echad decided to leave Cherem be. In less than a fortnight a group from Cherem attacked Armonguard. The fortress on the water was no match for their torches, and the Cherem people were easily driven back. Still, peace was not something Cherem was interested in. People from Armonguard found that travel to Jaelport was best taken by sea, keeping a safe and watery distance from the pyrotechnic people.

It is believed that Cherem was founded by Otherlings who were cast out of Barth. Having made their way south though the mountains, they settled in the valley below. The area was once a grassy plain filled with eucalyptus, mahogany, and acacia trees. Although the trees were still there, the Cheremians never allowed them to stay green for long. Once Darkness came, burning greenery was no longer an issue. Still, nearly all the land south of the Cela Mountains and north of the River Arnon remains scorched. The Cherem live in mud dwellings, much like the Barthinians, but have never participated in any part of the court of Er’Rets.

The Cheremians practice divination, mostly in the form of hypnosis. Any outsiders who are captured are assimilated into slaves. Breeding with a slave is strictly forbidden. Cherem keeps to itself, except for the ongoing war with Magos to avenge the abduction of Sar Orind Zalmon’s beten who was taken by King Justos Bhaltair 240 years ago during the Great War.

Their crest is a red, orange, and yellow bonfire on a black background.

Vegar Zalmon, Sar of Cherem
      -his ishaw, Estel
      -his beten, Twyla
            -their children:
                  -Dax, Vegar’s eldest son, heir to Cherem, nineteen
                  -Colm, Vegar’s second son, fifteen
                  -Rigel, Vegar’s third son, twelve
                  -Berne, Vegar’s fourth son, eight
                  -Wynn, Vegar’s fifth son, three

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