darkness2Darkness came to Er’Rets in the hours following King Axel Hadar’s murder. The black cloud started in the west and stretched across half the kingdom, stopping above the tree in Allowntown under which the king and queen died. Darkness reaches from Ice Island in the north to the southern tip of Er’Rets just west of Er’Rets Point. The Chowmah Mountains provide a natural border between Light and Darkness in the north. The Gadowl Wall, which was built the year following King Axel’s death to ward off attacks from Cherem and Magos, acts as a manmade border in the south.

People who wander into the Evenwall unprepared often get lost or lose their senses. Is has been said that the voices of King Axel and Queen Dara call out to those who enter the Evenwall, seeking revenge for their murder. It is also believed by some that Darkness is growing, drifting east inch by inch. The Council of Seven has not commented on this theory.

Darkness changed many. The Poroo, especially, had never been the friendliest people, but Darkness spiraled them into madness. Instead of keeping to themselves as they once did, the Poroo left their villages for a nomadic life, wandering Melas Marsh, and attacking any living thing they could find. Darkness also affected the giant community. Those who lived in the Nahar Forest where Darkness came, migrated east toward Xulon. But they had changed and a civil war ensued. The results were two tribes: the Yashan, the old tribe from Xulon, and the Eben, the new tribe from Darkness.

Darkness brought a sinister side out in several houses as well. Jaelport fell deeper into witchcraft and Barth became obsessed with demon worship, although both houses still participate in court. Cherem and Magos grew extremely hostile toward Armonguard and Er’Rets Point, resulting in the building of Gadowl Wall. Har Sha’ar, Berland, and Tsaftown remained of noble behavior despite the lack of sunlight, but keeping one’s sanity in perpetual night is easier said than done.

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