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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

hamonahThe people of Hamonah have light brown skin, which lead scholars to believe that they are of Kinsmen heritage, although no one has been able to trace their lineage to any Kinsman who came to Er’Rets with Echad Hadar. It has been speculated that perhaps the people of Hamonah came on their own at a different time.

Hamonites are pirates. They send out their ships to intercept any cargo on the seas and they seize costal towns in the black of night to pillage and destroy. When King Willham inaugurated the Council of Seven, he invited Hamonah to join the Er’Retian court. Much to everyone’s surprise, Hamonah accepted. Many believe this was an attempt to pilfer money through political means. Hamonah’s lower class people are destitute, living in caves and scavenging food from the Lord’s hoard. Since joining court, the Hamonites have had difficulty securing favorable matches in marriage. The only major house to have ever combined with them for a political match was Barth.

The banner of Hamonah is a four-spoked boat wheel on a two tone background of white and blue.

Sir Ofir Sigul, Lord of Hamonah
      -his wife, Lady Shara of Land’s End
      -their children:
            -Lady Tova, a maiden of fourteen
            -Meg, a girl of eight
      -his siblings:
            -Lady Ravenya, wed to Dovev Falkson of Barth
            -Captain Derno, Captain of the Hoard

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