Ice Island

ice-island2Ice Island is a diamond-shaped prison that was built of stone off the coast of Tsaftown back before the Great Freeze. It is now covered in ice and if it weren’t for its many smokestacks and The Pillar tower, it would look more like a great iceberg than a fortress. Ice Island houses 300 of the vilest offenders in all Er’Rets. In the center, a tower called The Pillar stretches one hundred feet into the sky. Four guards are posted on the roof of The Pillar at all times, one looking each direction. There are two entrances to Ice Island: the Northgate and the Smokegate, which got its name from the dozens of smokestacks that cloud the sky. The Prodotez, the bottommost level of The Pillar, is the king’s personal prison.

Ice Island also operates two small forts on the coast. Cliffwatch and Stormwatch are responsible for monitoring from afar those who enter and exit the prison. Verdo Amal, the second son of the late Duke of Carm, Malbec Amal, was assigned the wardenship of Ice Island by the Council of Seven after King Axel’s death. The banner of Ice Island is an iron portcullis on a field of ice.

Verdot Amal, Warden of Ice Island
      -his steward, Tom Raven
      -his brother, Pinot Amal, Duke of Carm, deceased

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