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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

jaelport1Jaelport is the oldest Chuma city in Er’Rets. The Chuma were already living in the land when King Echad arrived. The king discovered the city of Jaelport on his first tour of Er’Rets. It was a richly decorated castle on the tip of a peninsula. The Chuma were hospitable and claimed to have come to Er’Rets from the west less than fifty years prior. Jaelportian people worship Zitheos, the god of animals. Jaelport is a matriarchy, although they claim it is not so. Witchcraft is taught to girls as young as ten in the form of hypnotism, potions, and spells. Men are not taught magic of any kind. All Jaelportian households have at least one slave. The royal family employs more eunuchs than exist anywhere else in Er’Rets combined. Eunuchs are allowed only a vegetarian diet so as to not anger Zitheos by letting undesirables eat animal flesh. Women will often fast from meat when they are conducting magical matters.

After The Great War, Jaelportians were the first to discredit Câan, the Son God. They deemed any god who could be killed, weak, and continued their worship of Zitheos. Over the next few years, Jaelportians influenced Er’Retian court with their false gods. The result was years of depravity. Er’Rets fell further and further into an abyss of evil and selfishness.

In the last few years, Black Knights have been rising up in Jaelport, training any young squire who has no objection to dark magic. Jaelportian men, having always been denied the use of magic because of their gender, seized the opportunity to be trained in this dark and powerful art.

Jaelport’s sigil is a grey goat on a field of green fur.

Sir Yagil Hamartano, Duke of Cela, Lord of Jaelport, and Councilor of Darkness Mountains
-his wife, Lady Torrezia of Mahanaim
-their children:
-Marken, heir to Jaelport, pupil of Black Knights
-Lady Mandze, a maiden of eighteen
-Silvo, a young man of sixteen, pupil of Black Knights
-Lady Jaira, a maiden of fifteen
-Sampelle, a girl of nine
-Maira-sae, a girl of six
-Tumpen, a boy of four
-his sister, Lady Zora, wed to Burr Barak of Zerah Rock
-his half-brother, Tsing Boar, on Ice Island

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