Land’s End

zerah-rock1Land’s End began as a school for anyone gifted in bloodvoices during the reign of King Granton II. King Granton believed that bloodvoicing could be adapted into a military tactic. He built the school and conducted the first ever recruitment for what would become the first Kingsguard. Students with the ability moved to Land’s End to be trained. In some cases, the students knew more than the teachers, but over time, the perfected several bloodvoicing military techniques.

The school was deserted during The Great War. When the war was over, a mage named Sakin Mageia and his followers took up residence in the abandoned school. Sakin taught a dark magic, calling on demons of the night for power. When Kinsman from Armonguard tried to reopen the school, Sakin’s Black Knights were too powerful. Armonguard withdrew. When the Council of Seven came to power, Land’s End was placed in Barth Duchy. Ronga Falkson, Duke of Barth, placed Grievel Coble as Lord of Land’s End and ever since the house has participated at court. The school of bloodvoicing never reopened, nor has an official training facility for Black Knights ever been discovered, despite the number of Black Knights that exist in Er’Rets today.

The crest of Land’s End is a wand of stars on a black background.

Sir Julian Coble, Lord of Land’s End
      -his wife, Quar of Har Sha’ar
      -their daughter Shara, wed to Ofir Sigul
      -his sisters:
            -Lady Reanna, widow of Octavius Eli, former lord of Mirrorstone
            -Lady Fallina, wed to Abidan Levy, Lord of Mahanaim
      -his stray, Markos, a boy of ten, heir to Land’s End

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