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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

mahanaimThe city of Mahanaim was founded by Prince Hyder Hadar, third in line to inherit the throne from King Bole II Hadar. Prince Hyder loved construction. Since his father forbade his experiments on the Armonguard fortress, Prince Hyder claimed the swampy land in the center of Er’Rets to create his dream home. The manor itself is made of multiple-colored stone that the prince had transported from all over Er’Rets: brownstone from Allown, yellowstone from Carm, redstone from Nahar, graystone from Barth, orangestone from Cela, and whitestone from Arman. Prince Hyder also experimented with towers, seeing how tall he could make them and still have a strong foundation in the swampy soil. It is also rumored that Prince Hydar build as many secret passages within the castle walls as he had canals on the outside.

Besides Mahanaim’s unique multi-colored walls, the manor and surrounding city is built in the water on three sides. Canals snake in and out if the city. The western side of Mahanaim empties into Arok Lake. One can enter the Mahanaim stronghold on horse or carriage from the east gate only. All other entrances and all other buildings can only be reached by boat.

Mahanaim became a major attraction for court, and Prince Hyder made as much money off his work as he could.

During the reign of King Willham, due to the rapidly growing kingdom, Er’Rets was divided into seven duchies and the Council of Seven was inducted. This placed a duke over each region and took pressure off King Willham, who was far more interested in bowling and dice than ruling a nation.

Since King Axel’s murder, the Council of Seven has ruled Er’Rets until the time when Prince Gidon is old enough to rule. Mahanaim hosts the quarterly Council meetings and its lord has always chaired the Council, bringing justice and reason to all debates.

The crest of Mahanaim is a set of golden scales on a white fur background. But since the coming of Darkness, the crest was modified to show that half the stronghold is now under the black, lightless curse.

Sir Abidan Levy, Duke of Allown Duchy, Lord of Mahanaim, and Chairman of the Council of Seven
      -his wife, Lady Fallina, of Mirrorstone
      -their children:
            -Jacqueline, a maid of seventeen
            -Marietta, a maid of fourteen
            -Reggio, heir to Mahanaim, thirteen
      -his household:
            – Witt, steward
            – Master Rickaker, counselor, tutor
            – Jelga Tamot, master of horse
            – Macoun Hadar, spy
                  – his serving man, Carlani
            – Mags, a serving girl
      -the New Kingsguard
            -Jabari mi Gox, of Xulon, Commander of the New Kingsguard
            -Jerrick of Tevang, of Har Sha’ar
            – Rance Mattan, of Jaelport
            – Howl Argvan, of Nahar
            – Jax mi Katt, of Xulon
            – Khai Mageia, of Armonguard
            – Zhur DaVry, of Sitna

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