Maps and Floor Plans from My Books

King’s Folly (The Kinsman Chronicles)

Five Realms Map
And here is an earlier version of the map. If you’d like to read the evolution of the map for this series, I wrote a blog post on the subject for Go Teen Writers which you can read here.
Sh'Kan Map


Captives (The Safe Lands Trilogy)



By Darkness Hid (The Blood of Kings Trilogy)

Er'Rets Map from By Darkness Hid

Scroll Map from By Darkness Hid

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Sitna Manor from By Darkness Hid
Shields from By Darkness Hid



To Darkness Fled (The Blood of Kings Trilogy)

Mitspah Castle
Sir Gavin's Map of Ice Island

Sir Gavin’s Map of Ice Island




From Darkness Won (The Blood of Kings Trilogy)

Correct Battle of Reshon Gate



The New Recruit (The Mission League series)

Map of Moscow

Drawn by Nichole White

Apartment on Arbat

Apartment on Arbat

Grandma Alice's House

Grandma Alice’s House

Replication: The Jason Experiment

Jason Farms Laboratory

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The Shardlands

The Shardlands



Onyx Eyes (The Colors of Belfaylinn)

Belfaylinn Map