mirrorstonePrince Hyder originally built Mirrorstone as a lake resort. He also built a temple for the god of beauty, Avinis, next to the Mirrorstone stronghold. King Johan gifted Mirrorstone to his second-born son, Paxton, when he came of age. Prince Paxton gave many opulent banquets during his time at Mirrorstone. When a band of Eben giants raided a farming village on Mirrorstone land, the prince took a party after the Ebens and was killed in combat. Mirrorstone then passed to Paxton’s son, Eli, who was six at the time. Mirrorstone became its own house when it passed to Eli’s first son, Filo.

The banner of Mirrorstone is a golden crescent on a red, grey, and purple striped background.

Sir Septon Eli, Lord of Mirrorstone
      -his wife, Lady Katiolakan, of Barth
      -his siblings:
            -Trian, a boy of twelve
            -Duame, a boy of nine
      -his father, Octovius Eli, killed by Eben raiders
      -his mother, Lady Reyanna of Land’s End
      -his aunt, Lady Fallina of Land’s End, wed to Abidan Levy

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