mitspahMitspah is a mining town on the eastern cliffs of the Chowmah Mountains. Built into the cliffs and tunneling deep into the mountains, the magnificent stronghold is an attraction for travelers. Yellowstone walls make up the face of the castle. The River Betsar flows through the stronghold, its Paz Falls pouring over both sides of the castle in a fantastic cascade. Mitspah Manor is small and difficult to get to. Many of the people live in the hills below where farming and trade is easier.

Their banner is a cham on a checkered background of orange and silver.

Sir Vonn Yarden, Lord of Mitspah
      -his wife, Lady Rubel, House of Har Sha’ar
            -their children:
                  -Bryant, died in fall
                  -Cayelle, wed to Sir Chory Livna
                  -Rembryant, heir to Mitspah
                        -his wife, Sessie
      -his sister, Revada, wed to Sir Edik Livna

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