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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Nahar Duchy

Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

nahar-duchyNahar Duchy stretches from Nesos Island just off the eastern coast of Er’Rets, down the Nahar Peninsula, and through the Nahar Forest to the mountain border of Cela and Barth duchies. Nahar is governed by Duke Herut Pitney, Lord of Nesos, and Councilor of Light East. The houses in Nahar Duchy are: Nesos, Walden’s Watch, and Xulon. All of Nahar Duchy is in Light except the western side of the Nahar Forest.

nesosThe crest of Nahar Duchy is that of Nesos, a nesion flower on a background of turquoise fur.

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