nesos1King Trevyn the Explorer discovered the tropical island of Nesos during his reign. He quickly befriended the native Pooro people who lived there and traded with them. He left a small group of Kinsmen on the island to build a fortress that he could return to. His eldest son and successor, King Preston, placed Sir Lukad Pitney as Lord over Nesos. As the years passed, the Pitney family took many Poroo brides, thus Poroo culture is strong in the House of Nesos. When King Willham inducted the Council of Seven, he decreed that Nesos be the principal ruling city over Nahar Duchy, as the giants were not interested in joining Armonguard’s court. From then on, Nesos has been ruled by a duke.

Their crest is a nesion flower on a background of turquoise fur.

Sir Herut Pitney, Duke of Nahar, Lord of Nesos, and Councilor of Light East
      -his wife, Lady Corserta, House of Mahanaim
      -their children:
            -Keano, heir to Nesos, pledged to wed Glassea Hadar
            -Iimene, a boy of fifteen, squire to Sir Leif of Tsaftown
            -Halona, a maid of twelve
      -his stray son, Miki, eleven

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