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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

gadowl-wall1The refuge fortress of Noiz was built by King Granton I in case of emergencies. It wasn’t used by royalty until The Great War. King Simal’s health had deteriorated quickly in the last few years of his life. When the Otherlings attacked, his son, Willham, took charge of Armonguard. He sent his father to Noiz and led the Armonguard forces in battle alongside Câan, the Son God. King Silmal died in Noiz. After the war, his body was moved to the Armonguard tombs.

Once King Willham inducted the original Council of Seven, he appointed a warden over Gadowl Wall and assigned him to reside at Noiz. A warden has lived there ever since. Noiz means “protected place” in the old language.

The banner of Noiz is a stone wall on a purple background. When Darkness fell, the sun was added to all royal crests as a sign that truth and light were still at the core of the Hadar name.

Inko son of Mopti, Warden of the Wall
      -his wife, Tyra Dagfish
            -their son, Bodwin, second in command of the Wall

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