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RoboTales Release Day!

Posted by on Sep 29th, 2015 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 4 comments


Introducing Robo to the panel audience at Salt Lake Comic Con.

It’s finally here! The book that my son and I have been working on these past four years is now available. I’m very excited.

RoboTales is a chapter book series for readers ages 7-13 that I wrote with my son Luke. These are fairytale retellings that take place in a fictional solar system. The stories are tied together by a lost robot dog who is broken and is trying to find out who he is and what he was built to accomplish.

The first book follows a twelve-year old mechanic named Tinker. He is scavenging for machine parts outside the city and finds a broken robot dog with the letters R.O.B.O. on his belly. This is no ordinary robot. Its hull is thick alloy. Robo can fly. Even better, he can fly in outer space. But Robo is busted, so he can’t really fly at all. Tinker takes him home to see if he can be repaired.

If you know a young reader who might enjoy a science fiction story about a boy and his robot dog, check out Tinker. The links below show you all the places Tinker is sold. Feel free to share this post with a friend and help spread the word.


Tinker (RoboTales, book one)

Tinker (RoboTales, book one)

Authors: ,
Series: RoboTales, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction
Tinker has always dreamed of attending the Invention Institute where his late father was a teacher. When the school hosts the Recycle Race competition to choose a new apprentice, not only does Tinker hope to win a full scholarship, he believes the Institute can teach him how to fix his robot dog. Tinker must protect his invention from his uncle and cousins, who do everything they can to destroy Tinker’s dream. If you enjoyed “Tinker,” you’ll love book two, “Mardok and the Seven Exiles!” More info →


Turning Point: 7 Young Adult Inspirational Ebook Novels in One Set

Posted by on May 19th, 2015 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 1 comment

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I have an amazing deal for you. To celebrate the upcoming summer vacation, I’ve partnered with six author friends to release an ebook compilation of seven full-length novels for only .99. What a great way to get all your summer reading in one place!

Full Series Box Set

The set is called Turning Point. It’s not really in a “box” since the set is digital, but all seven full-length, inspirational, young-adult novels come in this single download for only .99! The genres in the compilation range from contemporary to fantasy with both male and female protagonists. The one element all the stories have in common is that they focus on a turning point in the main characters’ lives.


By Darkness Hid

The set is on pre-order right now on, but will be available on all ebook platforms on June 1, 2015. This set will only be available for a limited time.

Includes By Darkness Hid and books by Staci Stallings, Laura L. Smith, John W. Otte, Nicole O’Dell, Kathrese McKee, and Laura Anderson Kurk. Here are the covers of the books included. Have you read any of these? Of those you haven’t read, which look most interesting? (See box at the bottom of this post of a description of each novel.)

Books in the set


Turning Point: 7 Young Adult Inspirational Novels in One Set

Turning Point: 7 Young Adult Inspirational Novels in One Set

Making it easy (and super cheap!) for you. All your summer reading is right here in this one set. Get seven full-length novels from some of your favorite authors. Set includes: By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson, Whisper If You Have To by Staci Stallings, It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith, Failstate by John W. Otte, The Wishing Pearl by Nicole O’Dell, Mardan’s Mark by Kathrese McKee, and Glass Girl, Laura Anderson Kurk. More info →

Cover Reveal for Diana Blackstone’s New Historical Teen Novel When Sparrows Fall

Posted by on Mar 8th, 2015 in Novel Teen | 2 comments

Check out this book cover for my friend Diana Blackstone’s new historical YA novel, When Sparrows Fall, which will release in the summer of 2015.

A little about the book:

WSFfinal600After her mother’s Mennonite church-arranged marriage to her recently deceased father’s bitter brother, thirteen-year-old Susanna Stutzman faces a crisis of faith. Everything seems to be going wrong in her life. As if her new father’s nasty temper isn’t enough, Cousin Mary, now her stepsister, hates her, as does her new teacher. When Susanna’s discovery of a strange nighttime visitor at her mysterious neighbor’s home leads to the unveiling of secrets, Susanna is forced to make a choice between her conscience and her community. 

A little about the author:

Diana has been a voracious reader since age nine when she discovered The Chronicles of Narnia after a librarian handed her the first book in the series. She credits hay fever for her interest in writing stories. Unable to play outside without misery from the age of ten, she spent half of every summer vacation inside reading and writing stories until the pollen count dwindled.

Diana serves as a high school English teacher and academic support coordinator. She originally chose to teach older students because she thought they would be able to manage their own bodily fluids better than little kids would. She’s discovered she was mostly right about that, and as a bonus, she finds teenagers a blast to spend her days with.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Alan and youngest son Isaac. Her adult son Mitchell lives only a four-hour drive away, but Diana wishes it was four minutes instead. She has two cats. Her Maine Coon named Mister Mistoffelees weighs twenty pounds. He is as sweet as he is huge. The other is a feisty Siamese-mix named Sabrina.

How you can connect with Diana:

Her website:






99¢ Ebook Sale

Posted by on Dec 1st, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 4 comments

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. We went to Vancouver, Washington to be with my inlaws. It was a very nice and relaxing weekend.Zondervan/Blink is running a Cyber Monday ebook sale on many of their YA titles, including the Safe Lands trilogy. All three are 99¢. Sale runs through December 8. International prices may vary.

Here are the links to each store:


Nook ● Kindle ● Google Play ● iTunes


Nook ● Kindle ● Google Play ● iTunes


Nook ● Kindle ● Google Play ● iTunes


Also, the 99¢ ebook sale on ChokepointAmbushed, and Storyworld First ends tonight (Monday, December 1), so grab these while you can.


Here are the links to each store:


Nook ● Kindle ● Kobo


Nook ● Kindle ● Kobo

Storyworld First:

Nook ● Kindle ● Kobo


Until next time. Save more. Read more.


Get Captives ebook FREE–October 24, 25, and 26

Posted by on Oct 24th, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 6 comments

Captives, the first book in my dystopian young adult trilogy, is FREE this weekend (Friday, October 24 to Sunday, October 26) in all ebook formats for the USA. If you haven’t bought this book yet, now is your chance!

Also, please help me spread the word to those who might enjoy this free deal. I’d love to help Captives reach #1 in the Free Kindle Store on

Here are links and Tweetables to make it easy. Copy and use the images below, if you’d like. Or you can simply share this blog page.

Thank you!






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Kindle link:

Nook link:

iTunes link:

Google Play link:

CBD link:







Happy Release Day, Rebels! The trilogy is over.

Posted by on Aug 26th, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 7 comments

I can’t believe it’s finally here. Rebels officially released today. The entire trilogy is now available. The story is done. It’s such a weird feeling. But I’m happy with how it ended, and I hope you will be too. If you read it, please email me and let me know what you thought.



RebelsBook three: Rebels

The remnant of Glenrock has been scattered. But they are not beaten yet.

The Safe Lands have long kept secret from their people what it means to be liberated. Mason and Omar are about to discover the truth.

Levi doesn’t want to give up on his brothers, but when Jemma is captured and becomes the Safe Lands new queen, Levi’s best option is to take up the role of The Owl that Omar began, leading the rebels in their quest to overthrow the government.

But will The Owl be enough to safe Jemma? Will Ciddah be able to deliver Shaylinn’s babies safely underground without the help of a surgeon? And will Mason be able to keep Omar from dying as they search for a way back?

If only they could unite their efforts, together they could expose the Safe Lands lies to the people. But if they fail, they will surely die.

Click here to view the paperback on

Click here to view the paperback on

Click here to view the paperback from

Spotlight on Gillian Bronte Adams and Orphan’s Song

Posted by on Aug 2nd, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 5 comments

I don’t remember where I first met Gillian Bronte Adams. It feels like I’ve known her forever. We were in a critique group together once upon a time, and I got to read an early draft of Orphan’s Song. She volunteered to play Abby Goyer in my book trailer for Replication (Click here to watch). She also guest blogs on Go Teen Writers. I’ve hung out with her at a few ACFW conferences, we have the same agent, and she even came to a book signing I had in Austin, Texas a few years ago.


See Bill Myers in the background?

Gillian has sold her first book to Enclave Publishing. I am so excited of her and proud too. I wanted to share a little about the book with you all. I think this book is awesome, and I can’t wait to hold my very own copy.

Orphan's SongWho Will Keep the Song Alive?

Every generation has a Songkeeper – one chosen to keep the memory of the Song alive. And in every generation, there are those who seek to destroy the chosen one.

When Birdie’s song draws the attention of a dangerous Khelari soldier, she is kidnapped and thrust into a world of ancient secrets and betrayals. Rescued by her old friend, traveling peddler Amos McElhenny, Birdie flees the clutches of her enemies in pursuit of the truth behind the Song’s power.

Ky is a street-wise thief and a member of the Underground—a group of orphans banded together to survive . . . and to fight the Khelari. Haunted by a tragic raid, Ky joins Birdie and Amos in hopes of a new life beyond the reach of the soldiers. But the enemy is closing in, and when Amos’ shadowed past threatens to undo them all, Birdie is forced to face the destiny that awaits her as the Songkeeper of Leira. (Book one of the Songkeeper Chronicles.)

About Gillian Bronte Adams

Gillian Bronte Adams spent her childhood devouring books and roaming the Texas countryside slaying orcs, captaining pirate ships, and dreaming of medieval kingdoms. So it was no surprise when she became an author.

Her love of epic stories as well as a desire to present truth in a new and unique way drew her to realm of fantasy. Orphan’s Song is book one of the Songkeeper Chronicles Trilogy.

There is still a few days to pre-order this book through the Enclave Publishing Fall Release Kickstarter Campaign. Click the image to check out the pre-order book deals on Orphan’s Song and the other fall releases.


Captives wins an INSPY award!

Posted by on Jun 30th, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 7 comments


I found out yesterday that Captives won an INPSY award for best literature for young people. I am honored that the judges found value in the story. Click here to read what they said about the story.

Thanks so much to the bloggers who nominated Captives and to the judges for their time and efforts.

Here is some more info and the full list of winners:

JUNE 28, 2014—The INSPY Advisory Board announced today that the following books have been awarded INSPYs in their categories. Recognizing the need for a new kind of book award, the Inspy Awards — — was created by bloggers to discover and highlight the very best in literature that grapples with expressions of the Christian faith. The 2014 awards season covers books published from January 1st 2013 and December 31st, 2013.

Click on each cover to learn more about the books on


Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense  

Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter (Thomas Nelson Publishers, May 2013)

Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

Debut Novel  

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay (Thomas Nelson Publishers, November 2013)

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay

General Fiction  

Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes (Tyndale House Publishers, March 2013)

Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes

Historical Romance  

A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund (Bethany House, April 2013)

A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

Literature for Young People  

Captives by Jill Williamson (Zondervan, February 2013)


Mystery & Thriller  

The King by Steven James (Signet Select, July 2013)

The King by Steven James

Speculative Fiction  

Anomaly by Krista McGee (Thomas Nelson Publishers, July 2013)



Captives & Outcasts $1.99 ebook Sale!

Posted by on Jun 2nd, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 8 comments


Ebook sale! Captives and Outcasts are $1.99 each from now until June 16 on Nook, Kindle, and pretty much anywhere ebooks are sold.

Here are the links:


For Captives:

Nook ● Kindle ● CBD ● iTunes


For Outcasts:

Nook ● Kindle ● CBD ● iTunes



I’m Going on Tour!

Posted by on May 14th, 2014 in Jill Williamson's Blog, Novel Teen | 2 comments

I’m part of this week’s Blink book tour. I’ll be in Salt Lake City on Thursday and in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday. If you live in either area, come and see me! I’m not alone, either. I’ll be there with authors Jonathan Friesen, Lisa T. Bergren, and Lorie Ann Grover.



7:00-9:00pm Salt Lake City Public Library
210 East 400 South – Conference Room A
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Reading, Q&A, book sales. Come early to hear us talk about our books and writing and to get books signed.



4:00-6:00pm Store Event
Changing Hands
6428 S. McClintock Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283