Team Novel Teen Blog Tour Book Request– Anomaly

Title: Anomaly by Krista McGee

Blog Tour Date: Monday, September 23, 2013

How Much Will You Risk to Find the Truth?

Krista McGee takes readers on riveting adventure of doubt, truth and purpose.

Have you ever felt you were different from everyone else? Were you embarassed by these differences, so you tried to hide them? In Krista 

AnomalyMcGee’s latest novel, Anomaly, Thalli must hide who she really is or face death. Follow Thalli as she searches for truth and purpose in her controlling world in the first book in this trilogy for young adults. McGee approaches the popular dystopian genre from a Christian worldview to challenge readers to question what is going on around them and find answers from the Designer — God. 

Long before Thalli’s birth, the world ended in a nuclear war. But all was not lost. A group of scientists, known as The Ten, found ways for life to continue deep underground. The scientists genetically engineered humans to be without emotion in hopes of preventing another war from threathening their lives.

 But Thalli isn’t like the others. She was born with the ability to feel and a sense of curiousity she can hardly contain. She must hide these differences in order to survive. How long will Thalli be able to contain the emotions and questions bottled inside? What will happen when The Ten find out she’s been lying to them?

With the fear of annihilation looming in her future, Thalli questions all she knows. She hears rumors of someone called the Designer — someone even more powerful than The Ten. With time to think, feel and question, Thalli wonders if the parts of her that have always been an anomaly could in fact be part of a much larger plan. Could the differences she’s always guarded be the answer to what she’s been searching for all along? “Christians are called the body of Christ, and the body is made up of different parts — all are necessary for a healthy body to function,” McGee explains. “The rulers of Thalli’s world reject such a notion, choosing to believe instead that sameness is best for mankind. But Thalli is different — an anomaly. And we find through her journey that differences really are best, and God’s design is perfect.” 

As a teacher, McGee has a passion for teenagers and a desire to see them excited about God. This fuels her writing, and she hopes her readers will realize that, like Thalli, their differences are what make them special and have a purpose. Every person is fearfully and wonderfully made by the ultimate designer — God. He is more powerful than any government, disaster, person or idea. 
Anomaly is the first in a trilogy of books about Thalli’s journey. The second book releases in February 2014 and the conclusion in August 2014. 

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