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I write weird books for adults, teens, kids, and some for the whole family. Another word for “weird” is speculative fiction, which is fantasy, sci fi, time travel, supernatural, paranormal, alternate history, dystopian, steampunk, or anything else WAY out of the ordinary.

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Here I blog about adventures in life, writing, and reading. I have a lot of random thoughts in my head too. This is the place I like to share them.

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Looking for clean teen fiction written from a Christian worldview? You found it! Come on in and search the Novel Teen database for books reviews. You can search by genre, gender, age range, or author to find the books you’re looking...


A weekly story blog: After the world is decimated by a waterborne disease, a young man journeys to a safe water source and the promise of a utopian future.

5. Free Blood of Kings Audio Books...

I podcasted By Darkness Hid and To Darkness Fled, books one and two in the Blood of Kings series.  You can listen online or download the MP3s. Click “Continue Reading” to find out more. It’s free!
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Countdown To The End: 4 Maidens

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4 Maidens

In the realm of Magonia, the nomadic Chieftess Mreegan and her retinue travel on a course between five altars where they worship the goddess Magon. The chieftess is served by a special group of maidens. These maidens are chosen and trained as mantics. When something happens to one of the maidens, the position must be filled right away. In the story Darkness Reigns, one of the maidens has come to a tragic end, leaving the chieftess with only four. Who will become the newest maiden? You can find out by reading the free ebook.

Countdown To The End: 5 Realms

In Category: Jill Williamson's Blog

The end is about to begin!

In just five days, Darkness Reigns, part one of the Kinsman Chronicles, will release. You will finally be able to read the ebook.

For free.

Have you pre-ordered your free copy yet?

If not, get it now.

Join the King’s Folly Launch Team

For years people have been asking me to write more books in the Blood of Kings storyworld. Well, I have done it. The series is called The Kinsman Chronicles (click here to read more). This isn’t more Achan and Vrell, but their ancestors. I think you’ll be intrigued to see where (and who) Achan and Vrell came from.

RoboTales Release Day!

It’s finally here! The book that my son and I have been working on these past four years is now available. I’m very excited.

RoboTales is a chapter book series for readers ages 7-13 that I wrote with my son Luke. These are fairytale retellings that take place in a fictional solar system. The stories are tied together by a lost robot dog who is broken and is trying to find out who he is and what he was built to accomplish.


Encouraging others is important to me, so I’ve decided to be more intentional about it in hopes that it might rub off on those I come into contact with. I’ve started the hashtag #shinelight as a way of encouraging online and through social media to live this way.

Shine Why?

The Summer Journeys of Jill Williamson

In Category: Jill Williamson's Blog

I have had a busy summer. So busy that I completely abandoned my blog. Here is a re-cap of what I’ve been doing for the past several months.

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Book Progress

King's Blood (Kinsman, book 2) - First draft - Releases March 2017

Broken Trust (Mission League 3) -First draft

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My name is Jill. I’m a daydreaming, chocolate loving, creator of kingdoms. I write weird books for teens. Fantasy is my fave. I'm a Whovian, a Photoshop addict, and a recovering fashion design assistant, who was raised in Alaska. I love to teach writing.

Welcome to the adventure.

Countdown To The End: 1 Rune