For a few years, I recorded a serial podcast of the Blood of Kings trilogy that anyone could listen to free online or subscribe via email, podcasts, or iTunes. I posted one chapter a week on Friday afternoons, just in time for the weekend.

It was a fun way to reach new readers (listeners) and to post content on my blog.

It became too time consuming to keep up with, though, so I stopped after book two. But you can still listen to all of book one or book two by clicking on the book titles below to download old chapters.

By Darkness Hid

To Darkness Fled 


The Blood of Kings Hardcover Books Have Arrived! Plus… A Kickstarter Update: We Met Our First Stretch Goal!

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If you haven’t been following the Kickstarter campaign for the Blood of Kings audio books, amazing things have been happening! Within the first twelve hours you guys raised the $2500 to fund the By Darkness Hid audio book. I was floored!

And over the past few weeks we’ve now surpassed the $5000 mark, reaching our first stretch goal to fund the To Darkness Fled audio book. That means we will for sure have audio books of the first two books. We are now working toward the stretch goal for book three. And we have eight days left! Come support this project. This will be the best time to lock in a deal for all three Blood of Kings audio books at the $25 support level. That’s $8.33 per audio book. What a deal!

Also, the test set of the limited 10 year anniversary edition Blood of Kings trilogy (finally!) arrived, and they look amazing. I am so excited. Here is a video of me showing them off.

I think they look fabulous. Like I said in the video, I need to make some adjustments to them so that they will be perfect for those of you who backed at the hardcover book level!

These hard covers will only be available as part of this Kickstarter campaign, so if you want a set of these pretties, you can order your limited edition hard cover books on the Kickstarter home page.

International readers, I have them listed as USA only, but if you really want to order a set, please email me and we can talk about shipping costs. I’m working with a few international people on this already.

Thanks for your support, everyone. Keep on reading!

EPIC Blood of Kings Sale–40% off the paperback prices

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It’s a book sale! My publisher has put the Blood of Kings paperback books on a special sale. On Amazon only, By Darkness Hid, To Darkness Fled, and From Darkness Won are each only $9.99 for a limited time. That’s a little over 40% off the cover price!
There is a bit of a trick to this. Right now, a third party seller has the “buy” box on Amazon, so I’ve made special links so that you can find the seller with the $9.99 new price (who is oddly Amazon itself).
This sale starts now and runs through next Saturday, December 15.
Here are the links:
By Darkness Hid: https://amzn.to/2QDceRt
To Darkness Fled: https://amzn.to/2QlOWjV
From Darkness Won: https://amzn.to/2L4LJzd

What Are Storyworld Shorts?

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What Are Storyworld Shorts?

I started a new website.

You might have seen my countdown to October 4, 2017. Well, this is what I’ve been working so hard on. I created a writing website primarily to host my YouTube videos and podcast versions of those videos to make it easier for listeners to find them.

What are Storyworld Shorts?

They are short writing videos or podcasts in which I teach lessons on the craft of writing. I will post one new video and podcast a week. Over the years I have posted sporadic YouTube writing videos, and I loved it. I always wanted to do so more regularly, so this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a loonnnggg time!

Storyworld Shorts are by nature short. Over time, the episodes will build upon one another and eventually give you a thorough understanding of how to write a novel. Some of the topics/series I will discuss in weeks to come are:

-How to come up with a great idea
-Creating compelling characters
-Different types of plots
-How to outline and plan your novel
-How to add themes to your story
-Tackling a major rewrite
-How to edit your book

I’ll also be doing a monthly Q&A Live video, in which I’ll answer listener questions.

To learn more and to watch the first video, visit StoryworldShorts.com.

THIRST (a weekly story blog) is here!

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To skip ahead and read the teaser prologue click here here.

In conjunction with the #WeWriteBooks series I am writing over on the Go Teen Writers blog, I will be writing the book THIRST on my website. I tried this once before with the Onyx Eyes story, and while I’d love to continue with that tale, it’s a little too complex for my schedule right now. So I’ve chosen to write THIRST instead. This is a stand-alone prequel to The Safe Lands series (Captives, Outcasts, and Rebels). THIRST follows a teenage Papa Eli as he and his friends struggle to survive the Great Pandemic.

I will announce new chapters of THIRST on my blog, but I won’t be posting them here. If you want to read along, subscribe to the THIRST: weekly story blog by clicking here. For now, here is a little more about the book and a very short, teaser prologue. Chapter one will be posted next week.



In matters of life or death, what do you thirst for? 

A waterborne disease has sprung up in every corner of the globe, decimating the human race. Eli McShane, a young survivor, journeys toward Colorado and the rumored location of a clean water source. When he arrives, he finds the community in an unending state of celebration. Until someone dies. When the people realize the disease is still among them, panic ensues. Rules are established to keep people safe. Eli wants to leave, but the landowners won’t let him. Only one thing is certain. This “safe land” is not so safe after all.


Six days into our wilderness survival adventure in the La Plata Mountains of Colorado, Comet Pulon passed by the earth. We had no way of knowing that it had come much closer than expected, that it had forever changed our planet, and that it had left a killer among us. Oblivious, the twelve of us camped in a clearing, cheered as the bright yellow fireball soared overhead, roasted marshmallows, and toasted with canteens of water we had purified ourselves.

And as we celebrated in awe of nature’s majesty, the rest of the world began to die.

Merry Christmas!

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And enjoy this video. It’s adorable.


YouTube Preview Image


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CLICK HERE to download To Darkness Fled-Episode 42

In this concluding chapter of To Darkness Fled, Achan leads his first war council and receives an answer from his future bride.

Please note, I must stop podcasting for now. I don’t have the time to keep up with the project. I’d like to come back to it someday. But since it takes me 3-5 hours per chapter, I’m not sure when that might be. Thanks for listening! 🙂


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CLICK HERE to download To Darkness Fled-Episode 41

The knights confer to decide who shall become Achan’s bride while Sparrow watches from within the castle walls.


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CLICK HERE to download To Darkness Fled-Episode 40

Achan and his men arrive in Carmine. Achan meets Duchess Amal and confronts Sir Eagan as to Sparrow’s whereabouts.

To Darkness Fled delay…

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I’m terribly sorry to have to delay the podcast. I really wanted to keep going without skipping any weeks, but I just got my new deadlines for edits on two novels that are due in the next three weeks! So I have to drop everything–absolutely everything–if I’m going to get this stuff done and do a good job.

I’ve already recorded chapters 40, 41, and 42, I just don’t have the time to edit them together and post the MP3s. Please have patience. And I’ll get back to them in the second half of September.




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CLICK HERE to download To Darkness Fled-Episode 39

When Achan learns that Vrell has left, he confronts Sir Gavin, then Arman.