Reshon Gates

mahanaim1The Reshon Gates were built by Prince Hyder Hadar, during the reign of King Bole, to keep trespassers from his home and to charge visitors. Both black iron gates stretch between whitestone pillars, over fifty feet high and ten feet wide. The first gate sits twenty miles from the city locking off Mahanaim from the Lebab Inlet. The second gate sits across the bridge that connects the road to Armonguard and the road to Allowntown, just eight miles from the Mahanaim stronghold.

Both gates display the blazon of Mahanaim, a set of golden scales on a white fur background. Since Darkness split the city in two, the crest was modified to show that half the stronghold is now under the black, lightless curse.

Sir Chory Livna, Warden of the Gates
      -his wife, Lady Cayelle, of Mitspah
      -their children, all residing in Tsaftown:
            – Mardell, squire to Erik Livna
            – Merry, companion to Lady Tara, a twin to Sadie
            – Sadie, companion to Lady Tara, a twin to Merry

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