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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 28, 2012

sitnaSitna is the newest House in Er’Rets. Created to raise the orphaned prince, Sitna, although small and built of plain brownstone, is quite grandiose inside. Sir Luas Nathak, knighted for his service to Prince Gidon, acts as the prince’s warden. Sitna has little natural resources, but Lord Nathak claims use of the Sideros river and Gebuwl Sea for fish, and the land north for game, encroaching on the Duchess of Carm’s land. Sitna alone is known for its hemp twine and nets.

Lord Nathak is hideously disfigured on half of his body, wearing, at all times, a leather mask over the right side of his face and a glove on his right hand. Though it is rumored that Lord Nathak was not this way from birth, no one can figure the truth of his malformation. Lord Nathak has not shared the truth with anyone.

The banner of Sitna shows two spears protecting a crown on a purple fur background surrounded by a gold border. Only royal houses, or holdings, are permitted to use the royal purple as their full background color and to be outlined in gold. Only houses in which their lords serve on the Council of Seven are permitted to use fur in their background. Lord Nathak has taken liberty with both these rules, though no one has complained.

Sir Luas Nathak, Lord of Sitna, warden of Prince Gidon Hadar
      -his wife, Lady Marah, of no known house
      -his ward, Prince Gidon Hadar, heir to Er’Rets, sixteen
      -his household:
            – Chora, steward
            – Sir Kenton Garesh, Shield to Prince Gidon
            – the Prince Guard
                  – Flint Keuper, of Carmine, Commander
                  – Kano Bukama, of Barth
                  – Atul son of Deleep, of Har Sha’ar
                  – Samoe Jeet, of Zamar
                  – Cathan Bhaltair, of Magos
                  – Yakut Kodivak, of Berland
                  – Mel McLennan, of Sitna
            – the prince’s squires
                  – Polk Roxburg, of Sitna
                  – Marus Roag, of Mahaniam
                  – Raig Martan, of Nesos
            – Shelga, dressmaker
            – Oster, stablemaster
                  -Noam Fox, stable boy
            – Poril, cook
                  -Achan Cham, kitchen boy
      -village elders:
            – Vaasa Hoff, merchant
                  -his son, Riga, eighteen
            – Drammen Poe, armorer
                  -his son, Harnu, seventeen
            – Master Fenney
                  -his daughter, Grendolyn, fifteen

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