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Jill Williamson on January 21, 2012

This is a video I did for the NextGen Writers Conference on how to format your manuscript for submission.
How to Format a Fiction Manuscript 

This is a five-part series on how to properly format a fiction manuscript in preparation for creating a Kindle ebook. It has the same information as the video above, but goes into more detail.
Formatting a Manuscript, Part 1: Page Set Up and Text

Formatting a Manuscript, Part 2: Page Breaks

Formatting a Manuscript, Part 3: Paragraphs

Formatting a Manuscript, Part 4: Cleaning things up

Formatting a Manuscript, Part 5: Page Numbers

Here I did a three-part series on how to format your manuscript for Kindle and upload it to Amazon for sale. The first video is still relevant, but the second two use a process I no longer use since I now format my ebooks using Scrivener.
Formatting Your Manuscript for Amazon Kindle–PART 1

Using Mobipocket to Format Your Book For Kindle–PART 2

Uploading Your Novel to Amazon Digital Text Platform for Kindle–PART 3

How to Typeset a Manuscript in MS Word by Jill Williamson
(Click the image to view the document.)

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