Section 5

The clones at Jason Farms are divided into sections by age. Each section shares one bunkhouse.

Section 5 is made up of clones aged 14-17 years old.


Section 5 Roster                
Age 17   Age 16   Age 15   Age 14
Clone # Alias   Clone # Alias   Clone # Alias   Clone # Alias
J:3:1 J. Dean   J:4:1 Brain   J:5:1 Andre   J:6:1 Newton
J:3:2 Iron Man   J:4:2 Fido   J:5:2 Charlie   J:6:2 Bean Bag
J:3:3 Martyr   J:4:3 Teddy   J:5:3 Hyde   J:6:3 Schroeder
J:3:4 Hummer   J:4:4 Baby         J:6:4 Leo

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